Common faults and treatment methods of grate cooler

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Grate cooler is an important main engine equipment in clinker firing system of cement factory. Its main function is to cool and transport cement clinker and provide hot air for rotary kiln and decomposition furnace.With the rapid development of modern dry cement production technology and equipment, and the continuous improvement of grate cooler technology, the grate cooler with high efficiency and reliable operation has become the key equipment to ensure production.

Common faults and solutions


(1) the grate bed runs out of alignment


Cause analysis:

1. Wear of spindle roller bearing;

2. Elevation error and out-of-tolerance level of the supporting wheel under the moving frame;

3. The supporting wheels of the slider are badly worn;

4. The supporting wheel bearing is damaged.


Treatment method:

1. Bearing replacement;

2. Realignment of wheel support device under the moving frame;

3. Replace worn sliders, supporting wheels and bearings.


(2) grate plate falls off and breaks


Cause analysis:

1. Friction between the movable grate bed and the blind plate due to the movement of the grate bed;

2. Due to high temperature expansion, the gap between the grate and the supporting wheel becomes smaller;

3. The grate bed changes rapidly in high temperature in case of cold, and the grate bolt is loose or not spot welded;

4. T-bolt processing quality is not up to standard or spot welding grate plate;The grate casting quality is not qualified.


Treatment method:

1. Adjust the movable grate bed;

2. Adjust process operation to reduce expansion;

3. Strengthen process operation;

4. Repair fastening bolts and spot welding;

5. Replace high-strength bolts and spot welding;

6. Strengthen the arrival acceptance and inspection.

(3) the grate bed stroke decreases


Cause analysis:

1. Bearing wear;

2. Grate bed load increases;

3. Hydraulic system problems.


Treatment method:

1. Replace the bearing;

2. Find the reason;

3. Look for hydraulic problems.


(4) abnormal operation of grate bed


Cause analysis:

1. Support wheel bearing is damaged;

2. The position of the movable grate beam and the fixed grate beam is not correct, resulting in the grate clearance is too small;

3. The grate bed runs sideways and rubs against the side plate.


Treatment method:

1. Replace the bearing;

2. Adjust the grate bed and ensure the clearance of grate plate;

3. Adjust the movable grate bed beam.


(5) operational load of grate bed increases or stops


Cause analysis:

1. The clearance between the movable grate and the fixed grate is too small;

2. Abnormal transmission position in the transmission device;

3. The grate bed runs off, so that the movable beam or grate board rub with the side board;

4. The fixed beam collides with the movable beam;

5. Support wheel and main shaft bearing are damaged;

6. The grate bed has large clinker or skin too thick;

Failure of electrical or hydraulic system.


Treatment method:

1. Adjust the movable grate beam;

2. Adjust the transmission position;

3. Adjust the grate bed;

4. Adjust the transmission position;

5. Bearing replacement;

6. Strengthen process operation and reduce bulk;

7. Troubleshooting of electrical appliances and hydraulic pressure.


(6) wear of spindle bearing and supporting wheel bearing


Cause analysis:

1. Bearing sealing device fails and dust enters the bearing;

2. Oil blockage and oil shortage in the bearing;

3. The oil level is insufficient or the oil product does not meet the requirements, and the oil quality is poor;

4. The oil pump doesn't work properly.


Treatment method:

1. Replace the seal;

2. Unblock the oil route;

3. Enhance lubrication;

4. Find out why.


(7) oil is not supplied by grease pump


Cause analysis:

1. Wear of oil pump column and plug or failure of overflow valve and reversing valve;

2. Distribution valve failure (stuck, worn or not reversing);

3. Oil pump filter screen and oil hole are blocked;


Treatment method:

1. Check plunger pump and valve;

2. Distribution valve fault handling;

3. Clean the filter.

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