Key points of technical transformation of impact crusher

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Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crushing equipment, its characteristics are small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, small energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product granularity, and selective crushing effect, is a promising equipment.However, due to the various manufacturers of impact crusher production drawings are not the same, the customer's production practice continues to deepen, the design of defects are gradually exposed.

This article on the impact crusher design defects and technical transformation to help customers improve the use of impact crusher efficiency, achieve efficient and stable production.

First of all, let's look at the impact crusher in the actual production of the main problems:

1. The counterattack Angle is too small, the counterattack force is not enough, the particle size of the crushed lime cannot meet the technological requirements, and the material is too large, which will easily cause the material blockage in the body (there is a grate plate below the machine).

2. The rigidity of the counterattack plate hanging part is too large, and the vibration range of the counterattack plate is too low, so the material is easy to bond on the counterattack plate, and the product is thicker and thicker, finally blocking the material channel, making the machine unable to run.

3. The clearance of counterattack plate is too small. The clearance before and after the original design is 7mm.

4. The original high-manganese steel counterattack plate hammer is easy to wear, large consumption, use other materials counterattack plate hammer, large workload during maintenance, high maintenance cost.


In view of the above situation, the integrated equipment technology department from the impact crusher product quality, increase the impact crusher technical transformation and quality management system investment, closely follow the international crusher leading technology, so as to put forward the following six impact crusher technical transformation plan.

1. The impact Angle increases from 1500 to 3000, which can increase the impact intensity and ensure the particle size of the broken materials.

2. The clearance between the rotor and the front part of the shell is increased from 10mm to 85mm, which can prevent the front part of the body from blocking.

3. The included Angle between the front counter plate and the center line of the rotor increases from 250° to 300°, while the included Angle between the rear counter plate and the center line of the rotor increases from 200° to 400°, which is conducive to the crushing of materials and ensures the crushing particle size.

4. The front counter plate hanger rod and the back counter plate hanger rod are merged into one, which improves the elastic vibration of the counter plate and enables the materials bonded to the counter plate to be sent to the shell of the crusher in time and enter the lower bin together with the crushed materials.

5. Recovery and repair of high manganese steel counter hammer counter plate.For the worn hammer, the surfacing test is carried out with 506 electrode, no. 2 high-carbon electrode and no. 5 high-tungsten electrode.The impact hammer resistance and impact resistance are the best after surfacing with no. 5 tungsten electrode.After surfacing with 506 electrode and no. 2 high-carbon electrode, the wear resistance of impact hammer is more than 2 times higher than that of the original high manganese steel.But the cost of these two kinds of surfacing is high and not economical.Surfacing with no. 5 high tungsten electrode has good wear resistance and is economical. The specific method is to surfacing with no. 5 high tungsten electrode for 2 ~ 3 times when the impact plate wears 3 ~ 5mm.

6. Select the appropriate method of use of the counterhammer, the use of the counterhammer according to weight tolerance group method, spacing method, cross dislocation method and symmetric method.

After the transformation, the material blocking problem of the body is effectively solved. The fineness of the broken material is increased from 45% ~ 48% to 60% ~ 68%, and the fluctuation is small.The causticization of green liquid was improved by decreasing lime particles, and the recovery of alkali was increased.The service life of counterattack hammer increases and the running cost of equipment decreases obviously.Longer normal operation cycle, lower maintenance cost.

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