It is better to use roller crusher for cement clinker

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At present, cement clinker is widely used in building materials. Cement clinker with limestone, clay and iron as basic materials is widely used in engineering construction.With the increase of urban construction transformation, more and more crushers are applied in the treatment of construction waste, so which kind of crusher effect is better for cement clinker?

We know that the main component of cement is calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate hardness is low, brittle, easy to break.The roller crusher can crush materials by squeezing between its two rollers, and the finished product particle size can reach 50 mesh to 20mm, with large crushing force and low over-powder rate.


1. Stable output particle size and strong adaptability to cement clinker

The roller sleeve of the roller crusher is not easy to wear, the roller sleeve can keep stable between each other for a long time, the granule size of the clinker is guaranteed, and the surface of the roller sleeve has very good heat resistance and abrasion resistance, the whole field to maintain low speed rotary extrusion clinker, wear is minimal, strong adaptability to cement clinker.

2. Simple and reliable structure design, small load, stable operation and small vibration

The design of roll breaking is very simple, the daily operation is kept low speed rotation, smooth operation, small vibration, in the case of large and hard clinker, it can be handled manually without stopping, the amount of spare parts required is small, and the maintenance and repair costs are relatively low.

3. Strong self-protection and operator protection function

During work, when unexpected situations such as metal or overload occur, the roller will automatically reverse to break the load under the protection of electric control device. When the roller is still overloaded after several reversals, it will stop and give an alarm. After the iron block is manually cleared, it can start the operation with load.The rotation speed of the roller breaking spindle is as low as 4 r/min and the sealing is tight, no clinker will fly out at high speed and hurt people.

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