A clever way to prolong the life of hammer head of crusher

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The life of hammer head of crusher is always a problem that casting people are most concerned about. This article teaches you how to extend the hammer head of crusher.

1. Choose the material of hammer head reasonably

Choosing the right material is the basic way to improve the life of hammer head.Because the hammerhead is subjected to impact wear and cutting wear in different degrees in the process of use, the requirements of high toughness and high hardness for the material used are put forward.But toughness and hardness are a pair of contradictions, in the actual selection of materials, we must fully understand the working conditions and wear mechanism, reasonable selection of materials.

(1) choose hammer head material according to impact load size

1). When the particle size of the broken material is larger, the impact load of the hammerhead is larger, therefore, the alloy high strength and high manganese steel should be selected, its toughness can ensure safe use;

2). The heavier the hammerhead is, the larger the lumpiness of the broken material will be, and the greater the impact load on the hammerhead will be. Therefore, the hardness of the hammerhead should be improved on the premise of ensuring its toughness;

3) for small and medium-sized hammer head, impact load is small, high manganese steel can not play its work hardening characteristics, can not reach the wear-resisting effect, should choose high carbon low alloy steel and medium carbon alloy steel materials.


(2) choose hammer head material according to material characteristics

Choose hammer head material, to fully understand the composition of the broken material and its hardness, granularity, sharpness, moisture, etc.The higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness of the hammerhead.The higher the material lumpiness, the higher the toughness requirement.

(3) choose hammer head material according to the crusher structure

1). The hammer head of the ordinary hammer crusher is fixed on the shaft through the hammer frame. When running, it has a large centrifugal force and a large impact load.

2) the hammer head of the counterattack hammer head crusher is mounted on the runner wheel, which can be used as wear-resistant material with low toughness;

2. Reasonable design of hammer head structure

The shape and quality of hammer head directly affect the output and service life of crusher.According to the nature of the broken material, feed size and maintenance of reasonable choice.Used for coarse crushing, hammer head should be heavy and small amount;The weight and quantity of hammer head should be light when used for medium crushing.

3. The following points should be paid attention to to improve the life of hammer head:

(1)In the premise of meeting the impact force, try to choose both ends with holes in the hammer head, wear two ends can be repeated exchange, effectively extend the service life of the hammer head.

(2) in order to improve the wear resistance of the hammer head, can be painted on the working surface of a thin layer of hard alloy, or designed into a composite hammer head, hammer head working parts use high hardness materials, non-working parts use high toughness materials, so that the hammer head is wear-resistant and impact resistant.

(3)The use of advanced hammer head structure, such as modular rapid replacement of the hammer head.The hammer head is composed of a handle and a head, which are made of different materials. The handle is tough and the head is hard. The handle and the head are connected by a pin shaft.

(4) hammerhead structure should be conducive to repair.After the hammerhead wear to a certain extent, the user can carry out surfacing repair, such as high manganese steel hammerhead, wear can be used to repair manganese steel welding rod surfacing.

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