Factors affecting the grinding effect of ball mill

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Grinding operation is the main production process, its cost accounts for about 40% of the total production cost of dressing, the stable operation of the whole ball mill system involves many factors, only by timely grasp of the changes of the influencing factors and control, keep it in a more appropriate range, can have a better grinding effect.

1. Grinding process flow

The technological process of grinding system is a closed circuit grinding process.After the ore is grinded, it enters the classifier, and the coarse particles are returned to the ball mill for grinding as returned sand, and the overflow enters the mixed flotation for sorting.

2. Influencing factors of grinding effect

Ball mill operation is the entrance link of separation operation, is also the key link of separation operation, is the top priority of mineral processing.This link has a direct impact on the concentrate grade, recovery and production capacity of dressing products, and is the main economic growth point of dressing plant.Energy consumption and steel ball consumption are the main production costs of the concentrator, and 40% of the energy consumption of the concentrator is also generated in the grinding process.

The main grinding operating parameters are: the size of the ball mill feed water, the size of the ball mill at the ore discharge port, the size of the ore feed.Ball mill grinding effect is directly reflected in the grinding fineness, grinding fineness is one of the many factors affecting the dressing index, grinding fineness directly affects the level of concentrate grade and product recovery, effectively improve the grinding fineness is an important part of the whole dressing operation.


2.1 crushing particle size

The size of crushing particle size, mesh mesh adjustment is built, must supervise the crushing system, at any time to observe the ball mill feed particle size.If the grain size of the ball mill to the mine changes in production, it must be immediately reflected to the crushing miner section.Finally, the crushing particle size of ore is required to be -12mm.

2.2 lifting height of spindle of classifier

The lifting height of the classifier spindle is also an important factor affecting the amount of sand returned and grinding fineness.General normal production requirements grading machine spindle put in place.Sometimes after the equipment overhaul, because the grading machine in the ore did not clean up, in a long time to deposit, mud deposition is more solid, in the lower grading machine spindle, if not carefully, did not put down the spindle, will lead to less sand than normal.In addition, if the spindle is not cleaned and refueled for a long time, it will also cause the spindle not to be completely lowered.So in the operation process should be more attention.

2.3 blade wear of classifier

Strictly implement equipment inspection system.Classifier blade wear, equivalent to the return of sand reduced, will cause grinding fineness thickened.In addition, if the blade wear seriously, will also affect the classifier life.Therefore, in the process of operation, the worn blades should be checked regularly and replaced in time.

2.4 water

In the case of a certain amount of ore feeding, the size of the flushing water and the amount of ore feeding directly affect the grinding fineness. Without realizing the grinding automation, the amount of water is directly adjusted by the ball mill operators.Because the flow of water in these two places is large, the increase and decrease are difficult to see, and must be carefully observed and finely adjusted.The ball mill feed water increase, grinding concentration thinning, grinding fineness will become coarse;On the contrary, the ball mill water supply decreases, grinding concentration increases, grinding fineness will become smaller.The flushing water at the discharge port of the ball mill becomes larger, the overflow becomes thinner, and the overflow fineness becomes finer.On the contrary, the ball mill discharge mine mouth at the smaller flushing, overflow concentration, overflow fineness thickened.So in other conditions including the same amount of ore, to improve the grinding fineness, you can reduce the ball mill feed water, ball mill at the mine discharge mouth flushing increase, it is best to adjust the two conditions at the same time, to ensure that as far as possible to reduce the grinding fineness caused by the change in the amount of ore paddle flotation fluctuations.

2.5 lower opening on classifier

Classifier under opening under high and low, classifier opening size, opening grading machine, grading machine opening size are determined during the equipment installation site, if open mouth because classifier in the equipment installation size height not adjust good, and the operating personnel and don't pay attention to in the process of operation, will also affect the grinding operation.The opening under the classifier is low, and the ore deposit area is relatively large. The amount of returned sand will increase, and the grinding fineness is relatively fine.The opening under the classifier is large, which is also a large deposit area of ore, the water flow is relatively gentle, the amount of returning sand is also large, the grinding fineness is relatively fine;The opening of the classifier is low, the amount of returned sand is relatively large, the grinding fineness is relatively fine;The opening of the classifier is large, the amount of returning sand is relatively large, and the grinding fineness is relatively fine.Otherwise the opposite is true.

This paper only enumerates a part of factors affecting the grinding effect of the ball mill, there are many factors not mentioned in this paper, and according to the actual situation of the site analysis, if you have any questions can click on the online customer service consultation.

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