Energy saving renovation of power supply system of waste heat in cement plant

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Normal hydrating cement waste heat power generation, it is spread to the condenser hot well through the supply pump filling water, need to supply the pump has been turning, by controlling the pneumatic valve adjustment of export pump hot well water supplement, found in the actual operation process, under the condition of the normal operation of unit, can stop the supply pump using the condenser and vacuum tank to fill hot well water, the pressure difference between that in the process of removing the rev. Stop the condenser is not established under the condition of vacuum, the normal operation can stop the supply pump, it leaves out the pump running electricity and pump maintenance costs.

1. Energy saving effect

Cost savings for electricity alone: pump power 7.5 (power) *720 (operating time per month) *0.5 (power) =2700, saving on electricity and reducing daily maintenance costs.

cement waste heat power generation

2. Transformation process

On the basis of the original system, the equipment do not need to change, as long as the stop supply pump, using hot well water level and supply pump export pneumatic valve of the PID control, can automatically to hydrate of hot well, safety, but also need to have a interlock between water level and supply pump, on the basis of the existing automatic control, supply water pump is a chain with the water level of hot well, but the logic is in a running another pump standby state, the hot well water level below the lower limit, start another pump, or under the condition of a pump fault linkage and another pump, under such logic, in normal operation without make-up pump operation,When using pressure difference to replenish water, when the water level is lower than the lower limit, the linkage supply pump cannot be started, and the operator needs to start it manually, which is defective in DCS automatic control.By changing the control logic, the operation condition of one pump in the interlock condition of the supply pump is removed in the lower pump state, so as to ensure the automatic start of the interlock supply pump when the water level of the hot water well is lower than the lower limit and ensure the safe operation of the unit.

3. Summary

Through simple modifications, the authors efficiency of operation, the transformation process is made according to the actual operation situation of the company, does not represent all of the actual situation of the cement waste heat power generation, but the thinking of energy-saving can be promoted, in the construction of the cement waste heat power generation, providing an idea of the modification of energy saving.

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