ransformation of permanent magnet coupler

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Cement plant equipment will fall behind with the passage of time, we should timely upgrade equipment or in line with the current productivity transformation.

A cement factory 5000t/d production line storage elevator and clinker zipper drive system, the original configuration is motor + hydraulic coupling + reducer, due to the liquid couple running for a period of time will appear the following problems:

1. Oil leakage occurs after the hydraulic coupling is used for a period of time, resulting in large maintenance volume and environmental pollution.

2. When overload occurs, the fusible plug of the hydraulic coupling melts, and the oil drainage protection equipment needs to be refueled, which pollutes the environment at the same time.

3. When overload occurs, it takes time for fusible plug of hydraulic coupling to melt. During this period of time, the motor continues to work on the load.

4. The disassembly and installation of hydraulic coupling takes time and effort.

5. In extreme cases, the hydraulic coupling has the risk of explosion and safety accident.

6. The bucket lift and zipper drive system are installed at a high position, and the fault treatment is not convenient.

Combining the permanent magnetic coupling in other cement group co., LTD. Hoisting machine and the application of zipper machine, and its application is very good, the cement plant in April 2018 for a clinker zipper machine, a storage bucket machine permanent magnetic coupling modification, after comprehensive assessment now on the market is relatively advanced permanent magnet coupling,

Permanent magnet coupler

Up to now, the permanent magnet coupling has been running for more than 3 months, and the overall transformation and operation effect is good.The vibration and noise are obviously reduced before the transformation, the workload of field maintenance is reduced, the reliability of the equipment is greatly improved, and the working machine has been trouble-free till now.The summary is as follows:

1. No hydraulic oil, no risk of oil leakage and explosion.

2. Maintenance free.

3. Easy to install and disassemble, 2 hours for installation and half an hour for disassembly.

4. Isolated vibration transmission.

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