Have you paid attention to these problems of installing humidifier tower?

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It can be seen from the cement process design in recent years that the role of humidifying tower is becoming more and more important.It not only plays the role of humidifying but also plays the regulating role of hot air entering the mill. According to the needs and operating conditions of the raw material drying vertical mill, the outlet temperature of the humidifying tower is adjusted by controlling the amount of water spraying in the humidifying tower.

The installation of humidifying tower is mainly composed of tower body part, ash discharging part, heat preservation part and water spraying system part.


(1) tower body

Generally, the height of the tower is between 30 and 50 meters, which is directly installed on the concrete foundation. The tower is composed of several sections of cylinders welded together. Even if the shell is a skeleton supporting bearing part, the vertical degree must be detected by theodolite in multiple directions during installation and welding to ensure that the tower does not tilt after installation.The deformation-tilt failure of humidifying tower under bad operating environment is prevented and the loss is serious.

(2) welding part

The welding point directly determines the structural strength of the humidifying tower. In general, it should be noted that the welding seam should be fully welded and reach the height of the designed welding seam. If conditions permit, welding channel steel can be used to reinforce the welding seam.When the cylinder butt welding should prevent the occurrence of cross weld, weld should stagger more than 2 meters, whether the cylinder weld or butt weld, all need full welding.To internal and external welding, to clean slag after a layer of welding.At the same time, each weld shall be submitted to the construction unit for inspection before entering the next procedure.The welding of distribution plate and distribution plate at the entrance of humidifying tower must be firmly welded to avoid serious accidents caused by the release of the distribution plate or distribution plate during operation.

(3) tightness

In addition to the tight seal tower body, ash device lock air tight, manhole door to seal well, expansion joint installation to seal, at the same time to reserve compression activity space.The sealing of the nozzle socket should also be carefully handled.It is also important to seal the nozzle pipe.

(4) thermal insulation

Insulation refers to the external insulation performance of the humidifying tower itself.If the external insulation performance is poor, due to the effect of heat dissipation around, it is easy to cause a large temperature difference between the center of air layer at the moving section of the humidifying tower and the surrounding area, which is easy to lead to poor atomization effect of water spraying, easy to drip, causing agglomeration of powder blocking the dust bucket and dust return system, and the tower's internal wall is easy to condensation and dust agglomeration.In order to maintain the operation of kiln and stop the humidifying tower, waste of dust is forced to be discharged. Meanwhile, the outlet air temperature fluctuates greatly, and the temperature difference can reach about 100 degrees. In addition, the electric dust collecting efficiency of kiln tail is low, the discharge of powder is not up to the standard, and the stable operation of kiln mill is adversely affected.If the external insulation performance is good and the heat dissipation effect is small, ensure that the center of the air layer at the moving section in the humidifying tower maintains a small temperature difference with the surrounding area.Spray atomization effect can be guaranteed, the shell inner side does not condensation will not form hanging wall of the material, because the air temperature distribution is uniform, powder specific resistance uniform decline, close to the dust properties, conducive to the efficient operation of electrical dust collection kiln tail.The wind stability is an important condition for the stable operation of kiln mill.

(5) pipe anti-freeze

Pipeline anti-freezing refers primarily to the high pressure water supply system of antifreeze and freeze protection for water treating humidifying system, mainly refers to the pipeline anti-freezing work, in the northern area of high pressure water supply system and water treating humidifying system should have thorough drainage unit, under the condition of downtime is not used during the winter, the water inside the equipment should be empty, if the difficulties can use compressed air to the equipment and the water inside the pipe blowing, prevent water frozen freezing equipment.The anti-freezing of the pipeline is mainly wrapped with insulation cotton around the pipeline to ensure that it will not be frozen when running at low temperature.

Humidifying tower plays the role of environmental protection and energy saving, reduces the risk of environmental protection penalty of enterprises, and at the same time improves the material utilization rate of enterprises, reduces the cost of raw materials, and improves the benefits of enterprises.

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