Start-stop operation and precautions for ball milling system

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1. the ball mill open and close operation sequence


(1)Turn on the operation of the ball mill

a .Check if there are any problems with the equipment of the ball mill system.

b. Turn on the dust collector.

c. Turn on the ball mill circulation cooling water.

d. Open the ash bucket lifter and let the hoist start working.

e. Turn on the ball mill and let the ball mill start working.

f. Turn on the vibrating feeder.


(2) turn off the operation of the ball mill

The ball mill shutdown sequence is exactly the opposite of the startup sequence.

2. the ball mill opening and closing operation process


(1) boot

Inspection inspection (equipment static)→open dust collector→open circulating water→open hoist→opening mill→open feeder→patrol inspection (equipment dynamic)

(2)shut down

Inspection inspection (equipment dynamics) → turn off the feeder → turn off the ball mill → turn off the hoist → turn off the circulating water → turn off the dust collector → patrol inspection (device static)

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