Reliably repairing the problem of pin hole wear in vertical grinding rocker

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A cement has a 3200T clinker production line, and the equipment has been put into production for about 8 years. As the equipment is running, equipment problems are gradually exposed. During the vertical grinding production process of 3800 raw materials , the rocker pin hole appeared to be worn, and the taper pin and the taper sleeve appeared loose, totaling 4 places, which caused the 2 grinding roller to shake seriously during the vertical grinding operation, and the rocker arm fastening bolt There is a break and it cannot be used normally. Due to the large size of the damaged parts, the difficulty of disassembly is very large, and the possibility of offline repair is very small.

How to repair the wear problem of the vertical grinding rocker pin hole online? At this time, it was recommended that the company use Sole carbon nano-polymer material for online repair. Why can Solray carbon nano-polymer material technology reliably repair the problem of pin hole wear in vertical mill rocker?

Solei Industry has built a equipment maintenance traceability system, AR augmented reality technology and carbon nano-polymer new materials, and a three-in-one "service + manufacturing" new model has effectively solved the difficulty of data connection of the underlying equipment, slow response and maintenance reliability. The problem is to directly and accurately cut into the pain points and needs of manufacturing equipment operation and maintenance management, and promote the dual-engine development of advanced manufacturing industry for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent operation and maintenance.

As a high-tech functional material, Sole carbon nano-polymer materials can not only change the user's maintenance methods, but also make maintenance easier, faster, more efficient, more economical, more environmentally friendly, and longer cycle life. For example, for the shutdown problem caused by the wear of the transmission components, it can basically achieve rapid maintenance and resume production in the field for 3 to 6 hours.

According to the wear condition of the vertical grinding pin hole of the enterprise, Sole Industry has analyzed and developed a targeted repair plan in advance, and selected Sole carbon nano-polymer materials according to the harsh operating environment of the vertical mill to meet the harsh environment of vertical grinding. The long-term working needs. The site repair steps are as follows:

1. Targeted repair program according to the structural characteristics of the equipment;

2. Use a large hydraulic device to adjust the relative position of the two pin holes;

3. After adjusting the position, adjust the concentricity and take measures to determine the concentricity;

4. Using the Sorel carbon nano-polymer material and the outer circumference of the taper sleeve as the reference dimension, repair the reference surface of the hole and perform multiple repairs;

5. After the repair is completed, assemble the taper sleeve and install the taper pin after the material is solidified.

Case picture of on-site maintenance vertical grinding rocker pin hole wear

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