The performance and advantage of box crusher

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Box crusher single hammerhead weight, high rotor speed, hammerhead rotary inertia is large, fully reflects the advantages of large broken small, heavy crushing light, and has the unique ability of nibbling crushing of large blocks of stone.

1. Advantages of box crusher:

(1).It can effectively deal with the material with large moisture content and prevent the clogging phenomenon of crusher.

(2).Suitable for soft materials and very hard materials.

(3).It is convenient and flexible to adjust the discharging particle size, with a wide range of adjustment.

(4).Wear of vulnerable parts is smaller than hammer crusher, high metal utilization.

(5).Spare parts are easy to replace and maintenance cost is reduced correspondingly.

2. Performance features of box crusher:

(1).Large feed size, large crushing ratio, uniform discharge.

(2).High yield, granular products account for about 85%, fully meet the use requirements.

(3).The hammer shaft of box crusher is adjustable with long life of hammer head.

(4).Grid size can be adjusted, product particle size can be controlled, particle shape is good.

(5).Box crusher case can be flipped, more convenient maintenance.

(6).Square handle bolt, anti - impact, anti - wear

(7).High yield and stable performance.

(8).Coarse and medium crushing in one step, simplified process flow.

(9).Use high wear-resisting material hammer head, grate plate and counter plate, the service life is longer.

(10).Small supporting power, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, less vulnerable parts.


3. Box crusher:

(1).It is suitable for crushing the first and second stage of all kinds of materials with compressive strength under medium and first-class hardness.

(2).Especially suitable for crushing materials used in mining, building materials, chemical and metallurgical industries.

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