Discussion on reconstruction scheme of jaw crusher

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Jane put jaw crusher moving jaw vertical stroke is small, is to overcome the compound pendulum jaw crusher vertical travel big shortcoming, but it is the upper part of the horizontal stroke is small (upper crushing cavity are larger ore block, crushing them, need the larger horizontal stroke), as a result, the breaker can not fully meet the required amount of compression, ore crushing crushing effect is poor.

1. Horizontal stroke of the upper jaw

If the horizontal travel of the upper part of the jaw is increased, the horizontal travel of the lower part will be increased, and the product granularity will be more uneven.In order to eliminate this defect, on the basis of learning from foreign experience, the general simple pendulum jaw crusher is improved to mandrel lifting type, that is, the position of the mandrel of the moving jaw is improved, and it moves forward to the Angle dividing line of the crushing cavity.

2. Periodic movement of the jaw

The material is broken by the periodic movement of the jaw.During the swing of the movable jaw around the hanging mandible, the material between the two jaws will be squeezed, split and bent, etc. At the beginning, the pressure is small, making the volume of the material smaller, and the materials are close to each other and squeezed. When the pressure rises to exceed the strength that the material can bear, it will be broken.When the moving jaw swings away from the fixed jaw in the opposite direction, the material moves downward by its own weight.Each periodic movement of the jaw causes the material to be crushed and to be pushed down at intervals.After several cycles, the broken material is discharged from the discharge port.

jaw crusher

3. Position of movable mandrel

The moving jaw mandrel position progresses and moves forward to the breaking cavity Angle fraction line to solve the shortcomings of the general pendulum jaw crusher, that is, to eliminate the huge difference between the upper and lower horizontal travel of the moving jaw, and improve the material flow.On the basis of maintaining the original production, the crushing capacity is greatly increased, making the crusher develop towards the direction of large scale and high productivity, and expanding the application range of jaw crusher.At the same time, due to the use of computer-aided design, CAD precise drawing and DIST automatic measurement, a lot of errors caused by manual design are reduced, and the accuracy of structural design of crusher is increased.

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