Application of new single section hammer crusher

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Why does the new single-section hammer crusher subvert the traditional crushing mode of snap and counterattack?Why is the new single section hammer crusher more popular than impact crusher in sand aggregate industry?With low investment, low energy consumption and high output, it makes sand and stone aggregate mine obtain greater use value.For the comparison of new single section hammer crusher and impact crusher, this paper discusses the differences between the two.

1. Hammer crusher has the following five characteristics:

(1) high yield;(2) low energy consumption;(3) less wear and tear;(4) wide use;(5) excellent quality of finished products.

2. Internal structure comparison


(1) comparison of hammer head:

Counterattack broken is the form of plate hammer, rotor rotary broken plate hammer and stone is surface contact, too broken situation is more;The new single section hammer is in the form of single hammerhead, and it is point contact when the new single section hammer breaks, which reduces the overbreakage rate of stone.On the installation structure of the hammer head, the counterattack is two board hammers installed side by side, into a straight line, and the new single section of the hammer hammer head is staggered installation, can greatly improve the pass rate of stone.

(2) double pulley structure:

It is a single belt pulley structure with great running resistance, and the actual use efficiency of the motor reaches 80%. Besides, it is also prone to cause the heat and oil leakage of unilateral bearing, and the running stability of the rotor cannot be guaranteed.

(3) hammer disc sheath:

The wear resistant sheath is installed around the rotor disc of the new single section hammer. The sheath is easy to be disassembled and easy to use. The stone will not directly wear the rotor disc, which greatly improves the service life of the rotor.

3. Process comparison


(1) grain size limitation of raw ore:

The new single section hammer is used as the head hammer, the crushing ratio is large.The one-time molding rate of finished materials below 31.5mm is 85% after the bulk materials are broken into the cavity by integrating the bursting of jaw and the counter crushing.The traditional counterattack is smaller than breaking, low yield.

(2) bottom adjustment sieve plate:

Impact crusher outlet is open, no sieve plate structure, no shaping of the finished product, the new single section of the hammer to break the outlet is set up to adjust the sieve plate, through the distance between the hammer head and the sieve plate adjustment, control the size and grain size of the finished product, the finished product has been reshaped, grain shape is good.

(3) inverted nail counter plate:

The impact of stone and the impact plate is surface contact, the amount of stone powder produced in the process is large, the new single section hammer using inverted nail type patent structure impact plate, the impact of point contact mode, the crushing rate is high, the amount of stone powder produced in the process is small.

4. Comparison of finished products

Using the new single section hammer crusher, the stone is polyhedral, regular round, strong compressive strength, small amount of stone powder.Less than 5mm of finished materials accounts for about 15% of the total.

The grain type of the counterattack broken products is mostly long and flaky, the grain type is irregular, the amount of stone powder is large, accounting for about 35% of the total.

This is mainly due to the impact of the outlet is open, no screen bottom structure.The new type of single section hammer internal use full screening structure, internal screening Angle of 270 degrees.Finished materials in the cavity broken into shape, hit by hammer head, ore hit each other to form stone beating stone broken, so the grain shape is good, the needle sheet is less, at the same time the sieve plate plastic.

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