Comparison of moving stone crusher and fixed stone production line

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With the rapid development of infrastructure, the demand for gravel increases sharply, and the selection of gravel crushing production equipment has become a concern of customers.At present, the equipment used in stone crushing production line is divided into fixed crushing screening production line and mobile crusher.So what are the differences and what are the advantages?

1. Advantages of moving stone crusher

(1) convenient and flexible, to overcome site limitations: mobile crusher does not need to do complicated work such as foundation construction and equipment installation in the early stage.It can be put into production after the factory is installed and adjusted, which can quickly set up temporary and periodic crushing production line, avoid the tedious pre-planning and construction cycle investment of fixed type, and fully improve the utilization rate of equipment.

(2) the nearby treatment mode of mobile crushing production line completely saves the transportation cost generated in the sand and stone transportation process.More stringent environmental policies can effectively avoid secondary pollution in the transit process.

(3) high degree of automation: PLC control system, high degree of automation, can monitor the working state of equipment, installed a protective device, it can carry out real-time monitoring and protection of equipment, to ensure higher safety of equipment.

mobile crusher

2. Disadvantages of moving stone crusher

(1) the technical input cost of moving stone production line is high, so the price is high, and the later maintenance is complicated, and the labor cost is large.For users with fixed processing sites, it is not cost-effective to invest in moving stone production line.

(2) its output is equivalent to that of a small fixed stone production line, and it cannot meet the normal output requirements for users with high production capacity, such as those who produce more than 1000 tons per hour.


3. Advantages of fixed production line

(1) fixed production line is flexible in configuration, with large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and large handling capacity.It is mainly used for gathering stones and stable supply of goods.

(2) relatively convenient maintenance and operation mode. Compared with the mobile production line equipment, it is simple to maintain and use the current high-strength wear-resistant materials for wearing parts, with small loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

(3) it is suitable for crushing limestone, basalt, granite, cobblestone and other hard rocks. The finished products are cube shaped with good grain shape and low needle and flake content. It provides qualified aggregate for high road, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing plant and other industries.


4. Disadvantages of fixed production line

Fixed stone production line requires a series of installation of equipment, site design, etc. In order to fix the equipment during installation, concrete foundation needs to be laid, which is not convenient to dismantle, and it needs time and expense to dismantle.

So, which is better, moving stone production line or fixed stone production line?

Compared with the fixed sand production line, the mobile sand making machine can reduce the space and time in the operation, and can better adapt to the needs of transition, while the fixed production line is more applicable to a wide range of materials, higher output, the specific choice of which user needs to be based on their own actual situation.

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