The reason and elimination method of knocking sound in hammer crusher

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Hammer crusher equipment in the running process of grinding machine bearing torque or vibration is large, often cause transmission system failure, common: bearing room, bearing position wear, with wheel hub, shaft head, keyway wear, etc.

Hammer crusher equipment in the market does not seem to be so famous jaw crusher equipment, but in the production line also has its unique status and value.Each device is in its own position silently play their own light and heat.

The following on the hammer crusher equipment percussion reasons and elimination methods:


1. Non-crushing objects enter the hammer crusher, causing knocking sound inside the machine.


Elimination method:

stop and clean up the broken cavity.

2, due to hammer crusher equipment pin loose, elastic ring wear, which crusher into a good elastic coupling produce knocking sound.


Elimination method:

stop and tighten the pin shaft nut;Replace the elastic ring.

3, hammer crusher equipment hammer or other parts broken, resulting in internal knocking sound.


Elimination method:

timely replacement of broken parts.

4, because the hammer crusher equipment liner plate fastener slack, hammer impact on the liner plate, resulting in internal machine knocking sound.


Elimination method:

check the tightness of the lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the sieve bar.

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