What are the reasons of blocking material of impact crusher?

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Impact crusher in the process of operation, often there will be a variety of problems, then work blocking material is one of the common reasons, so we encounter this phenomenon must be timely solution, if the solution is not timely, a small machine fault, it will become a big problem.

Today, we will learn about the causes and solutions of blocking materials:


1. Material moisture

Due to the excessive water content of the material, it may be that the material is glued to the impact crusher. The effective solution is to pre-heat the device in the impact plate and the feed port.

2. Feed speed

Impact crusher feed speed is too fast, the machine processing speed is slow, overload work, so it is inevitable that there will be blocking of the material.

3. Improper operation

In the process of use, due to the incorrect operation of the cause of universal existence, so it should be correct according to the specification of the operation.

4. Design problem of crusher

The crusher design problem, this problem is not easy to solve, should contact the manufacturer, appropriate listen to the advice of technical experts.

5. Material hardness

The reason for the material is that the material may be too hard or broken raw material is too large, beyond the maximum crushing range of impact crusher. The effective solution is that the crushing size should not exceed the prescribed range and hardness.

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