Cavity type selection of multi - cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

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Multi - cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is one of the most concerned crushers in the industry.How to select the appropriate cavity type?

The cavity type of multi-cylinder cone crusher has two types: short head type and standard type.The standard type is used for the second and third stage beer, and the particle size of the finished product is generally larger than 25mm.It can be used in the second stage of breaking without closed circuit, the crushing ratio is 4~6, it is better to sieve before breaking.The short head type is used for three stage broken, the finished product particle size is less than 25mm.Need closed loop circulation, crushing ratio 3~5, need to sieve before breaking.


1 broken than

I is equal to F of 80 over P of 80.

I: crushing ratio.F (80) : the size of the sieve hole through which 80% of the feed material can pass.P (80) : the size of sieve hole through which 80% of the material can pass.

2.Particle size and abrasiveness of feed

Crusher edge feeding mouth can not be smaller than the maximum feed size.The inlet must not be too large or too small.

If the inlet is too large:

(1) the material is mainly concentrated in the lower part of the crushing cavity, resulting in excessive wear on the lower part of the lining plate and low utilization rate of the lining plate.

(2) the crushing ratio decreases, and the crushing efficiency is low and easy to cause rotation of the moving cone.


If the inlet is too small:

(1) materials cannot enter the crushing cavity, resulting in severe shrinkage of production capacity, severe wear and even destruction of the lining plate at the inlet.

(2) cause large fluctuation of crushing force and runout of adjustment ring, cause damage of rack seat gasket, accelerate wear of locking cylinder seals, and affect the stability of equipment.

The abrasion of the material mainly affects the service life of the broken lining board, appropriately increasing the manganese content of the lining board (not more than 20%) can improve the service life of the lining board, currently the use of ZGMn18Cr2 material is more.


3. Particle size and shape of products

The particle size of the product depends on whether the crushing process is open-circuit or closed-circuit crushing.The discharge port here refers to an approximate value. Even if two crushers are the same in the same working condition, the discharge port is not necessarily the same.

Generally speaking, the tight side discharge port of the crusher is equal to the size of the screen hole or slightly larger than the required product average particle size.In terms of product grain shape, short head type crushing cavity can obtain the best product grain shape, followed by the standard fine cavity type, the larger the cavity type, the less easy to obtain good product grain shape.In order to ensure good grain shape, the crushing ratio should be controlled at 3 to 3.5.

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