Causes and prevention methods of oil leakage in cone crusher

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In the maintenance of machinery and equipment, the most emphasis is lubrication, it is like the "blood" of equipment.Good lubrication is undoubtedly a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of equipment, however, oil leakage problems have occurred from time to time.Once a leak occurs, it will affect not only the service life of the equipment, but also the production cost of users.

1. Causes of oil leakage of cone crusher


(1) sealing device failure:

In production to pay attention to check the shaft frame and main frame between the O ring, oil trap and oil slinger nylon ring, oil slinger and drive shaft between the o-type sealing ring between the wear and tear, because these parts after using for a long time, will be subject to wear deformation, lose flexibility needed for effective sealing, sealing device failure, will lead to equipment leakage problems.

(2) oil return pipeline is blocked:

Oil spill reason also may be can't discharge quickly from the device, especially when the oil temperature is low, so should be paid attention to in production check whether product main oil discharge hose or the pipe have stolen goods, check the shaft drive shaft frame below long hole whether to have stolen goods, or stolen goods accumulation will obstruct the flow of oil, resulting in oil spills cone crusher.

(3) the oil return hole of the bowl-shaped tile is too small:

If the cone crusher bowl tile return oil hole is too small, the lubricating oil part will miss, return oil amount is small, can not ensure the size of bevel gear good lubrication.This situation should be appropriate to increase the bowl shape tile oil return hole, ensure the return of oil, fundamentally solve the cone crusher bowl shape tile oil leakage and bevel gear lubrication problems.

(4) improper work pressure:

The lubricating oil enters the lower part of the spindle through the lubrication friction disc friction from the oil inlet pipe. If the working pressure of the lubrication system of the cone crusher is improper, the oil will be ejected from the shaft gap, causing the lubricating oil to leak downward along the outer circle of the sealing cylinder.

(5) unreasonable parts clearance:

If the clearance between the inner wall of the oil tank of the main engine seat and the oil baffle ring plate of the counterweight body is too small, then in the working process of the cone crusher, the lubricating oil thrown between them is easy to form an oil seal under the action of tension.The oil seal will continuously overflow from the dustproof ring along the inner wall of the main engine seat under the pressure.

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2. How to prevent oil leakage from cone crusher?


(1) ensure good sealing of equipment:

The sealing structure design is related to the sealing effect and the life of the sealing ring, the sealing effect of the o-ring depends on the correct size of the installation groove.The sealing ring installation groove is too deep, the sealing ring compression amount is not enough, can not play the sealing role, so should be reasonable design and processing of the sealing structure, to ensure good sealing of the sealing device;Install the sealing ring correctly to ensure the good sealing of the equipment.Do not install the sealing ring with an angular tool to prevent scratching the sealing ring and to avoid stretching it to the deformed position.Lubricate the sealing ring properly for easy installation.

(2) inspection in production:

Check regularly whether the filter is blocked or damaged, replace the kinked oil discharge line, and ensure the return pipeline is unobstructed.At the same time, attention should be paid to clean the ventilation cover on the side of the drive shaft frame of the cone crusher, and use compressed air to purge the long core hole connected with the ventilation cover on the drive shaft frame;Check whether the clearance between the inner wall of the oil tank and the oil baffle ring on the counterweight body is reasonable, to prevent the oil seal from splashing between each other, thus causing oil leakage in the cone crusher.

(3) temperature rise of lubricating oil is forbidden:

The increase of lubricating oil temperature can easily reduce the viscosity of oil and accelerate the aging of sealing elements, thus causing serious oil leakage.Therefore, the temperature rise of lubricating oil should be forbidden. The cooling effect of the oil tank can be improved by increasing the cooling area of the oil tank. If necessary, a cooler can be added to reduce the temperature of lubricating oil.

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