How to maximize the capacity of hammer crusher?

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The production capacity of hammer crusher is an important factor for users to consider when buying equipment. However, in the actual production process, there is an error between the theoretical capacity and the actual capacity of hammer crusher. So how to improve the production capacity of hammer crusher and maximize its production capacity?

1. Strictly control the feeding size and avoid the phenomenon of stuck cavity and blockage

In the feeding process of hammer crusher, the measured size of the feeding port is taken as the maximum feeding size. The material exceeding the specified large particle size becomes the culprit of blocking the cavity groove. Every time the material is blocked, the hammer crusher needs to stop for maintenance, which delays the production and affects the user's income.Therefore, it is one of the most important preconditions to ensure the normal operation of hammer crusher to strictly control the material size.

2. Strictly control the feeding amount to prevent excessive blockage

Combined with the analysis of the working principle of hammer crusher, different types of hammer crusher feed amount is different, in the production process, if the operator put too much material, it will cause the material too late to break, and the broken material can not be removed in time, not only easy to cause material jam, but also loss of equipment;If the feed is too little, it will cause the hammer crusher idling, affecting the hammer crusher productivity.

3. Adjust the Angle of feeder to achieve pre-screening

In stone crusher production line, and not a single equipment running, but a series of joint operation equipment, in the actual production process, due to reasons such as amplitude, feed Angle, the equipment in the block material card appear easily in the screening the phenomenon of wall grate, lose their original performance, thus adjust the Angle of amplitude, feeder, release feeder screening function fully, is an important way for improving the productivity of hammer crusher.

4, reasonable adjustment of hammer crusher discharge port, maximum limit to increase the processing capacity of equipment

The size of discharge port of hammer crusher determines the processing capacity of hammer crusher.Hammer crusher is an important secondary crushing equipment in the industrial production line, the size of its discharge port should be based on the best grain size of the second stage crushing, can not arbitrarily increase or reduce the size of discharge port.Therefore, reasonable adjustment of the discharge port of hammer crusher is also an important factor to ensure the capacity of hammer crusher.

Hammer crusher production capacity is affected by many factors, but many factors affecting production capacity can be avoided, the above also analyzes how to improve the hammer crusher production capacity, if you still need to know, you can contact our customer service.

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