Misunderstanding of system management of new-type dry rotary kiln

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NSP kiln from use to spread in our country has come a more than 20 years of history, but because the factory through the development of different process, problems in use is also different, caused the differences in cognition of kiln system management, even there is some misunderstanding, now and then some opinions on the management of the kiln system, for your reference.

1. Oil the surface of the belt

Some rotary kiln production line oil on the surface of the wheel all the year round, reduce the axial force of the supporting wheel, avoid the heating of the supporting wheel, this has two major disadvantages: on the one hand, it will cause a similar result with the water storage in the tank, but because the flow of oil, permeability is worse than water, the harm caused by water is slower;On the other hand, often benefit from the center line of the wheel and kiln axis parallelism general gap is larger, and the rotation of the wheel is to rely on and belting leather interface friction, due to the friction is reduced after anointed with oil, sometimes resulting in roller turn, turn lost causes the result of the local and belting leather friction roller, roller surface with a long time is no longer a circle, but a multi body.

2. Treatment of heating problem of supporting roller

The heating of the supporting wheel tile mentioned here is caused by the temperature rise of the supporting wheel tile due to the fluctuation of the working condition during the normal operation of the rotary kiln.

Now some units in dealing with this kind of problems when using the roller shaft dousing water cooling method, the author thinks it is not desirable.This method is from the wet kiln and semi-dry kiln to deal with the heating of supporting wheel tiles. At that time, most of the covering angles of the tiles were in the range of 60° ~ 70°, and even 90°. After heating, it was easy to cause the accident of the tile holding the shaft.The best way is to quickly pour lubricating oil of the same quality onto the shaft when the temperature rises, and at the same time, release hot oil to reduce the kiln speed and load, and check whether there are obvious defects on the surface of the shaft.


3. Wear of wheel pads

Some rotary kiln production line in the wheel mat wear seriously, because there is no direct impact on the operation of equipment, not timely treatment, this will have a great impact on the long-term operation of the kiln.On the one hand, because of the wear of the backing plate, the ellipse of the cylinder under the belt is gradually increased, which directly affects the service life of the kiln skin and firebrick.On the other hand, wear plate causes kiln center line reduction, if left unchecked, will cause large and small gear contact surface changes, serious will cause top teeth.

Many people think that in the selection of roller oil, the higher the viscosity, the thicker the oil film formed the better.However, the higher the viscosity, the greater the resistance of the supporting wheel to overcome the oil film when running, which will inevitably cause the increase of the running current of the kiln.Moreover, the greater the viscosity, the less fluidity of the oil, so that the cooling effect of the oil on the hot spot becomes worse, its heat transfer performance is greatly reduced.Generally, when designing institutes choose roller lubricating oil, they usually choose 460 for 2500 t/d production line and 680 for 5000 t/d production line, which is quite reasonable.On the premise of meeting the working conditions, the lubricating oil with relatively low viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics should be selected.


4. Check the lubrication of supporting wheel

Some units attach great importance to the lubrication of the supporting wheel, the requirements of patrol inspection workers must check the oil film of the supporting wheel.However, due to the different sense of responsibility of the inspection workers, some do not pay attention to cleaning when opening the observation hole cover, but will fall into the debris, causing the roller tile fever;Sometimes even clean, but due to the poor air environment, there is dust in the inspection process, may also cause heat tile.Therefore, the patrol inspection workers in the inspection of supporting wheel lubrication, should focus on the inspection of oil level and tile leakage, as far as possible to reduce the number of open cover of the observation hole.

5. Hanging kiln skin and feeding quantity

Generally speaking, the output of hanging kiln skin is relatively low during hanging kiln skin, but this cannot be interpreted as that low output is beneficial to hanging kiln skin, but that low kiln speed is beneficial to hanging kiln skin.

The purpose of reducing production is to reduce the kiln speed and maintain a reasonable filling rate. A lower kiln speed and a reasonably high filling rate are the basic conditions for hanging the kiln skin.Note: stopping kiln pressure compensation is strictly forbidden in operation.

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