Three major fault maintenance points of crusher equipment

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Three major faults of crusher equipment: bearing fault maintenance, shaft fault maintenance and fixed, rotor core fault maintenance.The following three major fault maintenance points for analysis:

1. Bearing fault maintenance for worn parts

The shaft, which is rotated by bearing support, is the heaviest part of the load and the part that is easy to wear out.

(1) fault check

In-service inspection;Rolling bearings running out of oil, you will hear the sound of 'gu lu';If heard of discontinuous' terrier infarction, may be bearing rims rupture.Bearing mixed with sand and other sundries or bearing parts have slight wear, will produce a slight noise.

Inspection after disassembly;First examined the crusher bearings rolling body, inner and outer steel ring to see if there is any breakage, rust, scar, etc., and then hold bearing inner ring with the hand, and makes the bearing straight, another hand push just outside the circle, if the bearing is good, the outer rims should rotate smoothly, no vibration in rotation and obvious card lag phenomenon, after a halt outside rims no setback.Otherwise the bearing is no longer usable.The left hand is stuck on the outer ring, the right hand is pinched on the inner ring, push hard in all directions, if the push feels very loose, it is serious wear.


(2) fault repair

Bearing surface rust can be wiped with sandpaper, and then put into the gasoline cleaning;Replace the bearing with a new one if the bearing is cracked, cracked or excessively worn.When replacing a new bearing, choose the same type as the original one.


2. Shaft failure maintenance


(1) journal wear;

When the shaft neck is not worn out, a layer of chromium can be plated on the shaft neck, and then grinding to the required size;Wear more, can be surfacing on the journal, and then to the lathe cutting polishing;If the shaft neck wear too much, also on the shaft neck turning 2-3mm, and then a sleeve, while hot on the shaft neck, then turning to the required size.

(2) axis bending;

If the crusher shaft is not bent, it can be repaired by grinding optical shaft neck and slip ring.If the bending exceeds 0.2mm, the rotating shaft can be placed under the press, pressurized and corrected at the bending point, and the surface of the corrected shaft can be polished with lathe cutting;If the bending is too large, a new shaft is required.

3. Fixed and rotor core fault repair


The stator and rotor are made of mutually insulated silicon steel sheets, which are part of the magnetic circuit of the motor.The damage and deformation of stator and rotor cores are mainly caused by the following reasons.

(1) crusher bearing excessive wear or poor assembly, resulting in fixed, rotor phase friction, so that the surface damage of the core, and then cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheet, the motor iron loss increase, so that the motor temperature rise is too high.At this time, use tools such as fine file to remove burrs and eliminate short connections of silicon steel sheet. After cleaning, apply insulating paint and heat drying.

(2) remove the old winding too hard, so that the stolen slot askew and outward open.At this time, the application of needle-nosed pliers, wooden hammer and other tools to repair, so that the tooth bad reduction, and in the bad reduction of the gap between the silicon steel sheet to add green shell paper, glue board and other hard insulation materials.

(3) due to moisture and other causes of iron core surface corrosion.At this time with sand paper grinding clean, clean up after coated with insulating paint.

(4) around the connection to produce high heat burned iron core or tooth.Can use chisel or scraper and other tools to remove the accumulation of clean, coated with insulating paint drying.

(5) the iron core and the machine base combined with loose, can tighten the original positioning screw.If the positioning screw fails, the positioning hole can be re-drilled and tapped on the frame to tighten the positioning screw.

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