Measures to improve the productivity of jaw crusher

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Jaw crusher in the production line as the head broken, its output will directly affect the output of the whole production line.How to maximize the production capacity of crusher under the premise of ensuring the grain size of ore is a very concerned problem for many mining enterprises.

1. Correct feeding

To make the jaw wear uniform and reduce operating costs, the ore should be evenly distributed along the inlet of the feeder and filled with crushing cavities.

2. Ensure sufficient ore quantity

In the normal use of the feeder, according to the needs of productivity, in the range of rated amplitude, by adjusting the control box knob to adjust amplitude, so as to achieve the purpose of stepless adjustment of feeder productivity.

3. Notes for feeding

(1) prevent iron from entering the crushing cavity.Iron blocks can damage jaw plates and other parts.

(2) the height of ore shall not exceed the set jaw.

(3) the maximum ore size should be smaller than the feed port size of jaw crusher.Large ores tend to block the crushing cavity, affecting the crushing efficiency.


4. Set a reasonable discharge port size

The setting of the discharge port is to adjust the distance between the two jaw plates at the lower end of the crushing cavity.Too small discharge port will cause blockage and excessive energy consumption, resulting in serious damage to the crusher.Too large discharge port will increase the load of the second crushing.

5. Adjustment of discharge opening

Adjusting the opening of discharge port is realized by increasing or decreasing the adjusting gasket located behind the swing bar seat plate.When measuring the setting distance, pay attention to the position of the above eccentric shaft, so that the lower end of the fixed jaw plate and the lower end of the moving jaw plate are in the closest position, at which the maximum diameter of a circle tangent to the two jaw plates is measured, and the circle represents the size of the ore.The measuring device USES ring gauge supplied with the machine.After the adjustment, the tension spring cannot compress too much, must avoid the spring dense row no meet.Support bars and tensioning springs are subjected to fatigue stress and should be replaced within 2-3 years.

6. Overview of jaw plate

The two jaw plates are toothed and have a straight profile design, which can be inverted and interchangeable, so that one jaw plate can be mounted on either the moving jaw or the fixed jaw.

7. Wear condition and treatment of jaw plate


The wear condition of jaw plate and its adjustment are very effective to improve the working ability of crusher.It is best to check the wear condition regularly and determine when to invert, swap and replace the jaw plate.There are several common wear conditions and treatment measures:

(1) the bottom of the movable jaw plate has been worn by 1/3;The base of the set jaw has been worn by 2/3.Treatment: two jaw plate upside down.

(2) 1/3 of the top and bottom of the movable jaw are worn, and half of the middle is worn;The top and bottom of the plate are worn by 2/3.Treatment: exchange of two jaw plates.

(3) the top and bottom of both jaws are completely worn.Treatment: all replacement.


8. Importance of lubrication

High quality lubrication is the key to ensure the performance and life of bearing, and bearing is the core component of crusher operation, closely related to crushing efficiency.

The feeding condition is the key factor affecting the crushing efficiency, which should be paid special attention to. Every aspect of the correct feeding should be done well. The wear condition of the lining plate should be carefully checked regularly, and the correct judgment should be made

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