The reason of high temperature of cement mill end tile

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1. Existing problems

Φ 3.8 m x 12 m double slipper center drive cement mill, early production of the high temperature.(1) in the environment temperature 34 ℃, clinker temperature 120 ℃ and other conditions of the same production P· c32.5r, P·S· a32.5r cement, cement grinding end tile temperature can be maintained at 65~69 ℃, can achieve thermal balance, do not take water and other mandatory measures can be normal production;(2) under the same conditions of production of p. O42.5 cement, tail tile grinding temperature is difficult to reach the thermal equilibrium temperature under 75 ℃, when the temperature reaches 69 ℃ and the rising trend, immediately take barrel water spray, and slipper to grind end enclosure forced cooling cooling measures, such as blowing at the same time to spray water cooling of clinker, are keeping tile temperature 73 ~ 74 ℃, to guarantee the normal production, but also sometimes 75 ℃ jump stop;(3) when the production of P· o52.5r cement, discharge end tile temperature rises rapidly, under the implementation of various forced cooling measures, can only continuous production for about 10 hours, and must avoid the summer noon high temperature time, adopt the mode of night production, otherwise it will reach 75 ℃ jump stop.Due to the high temperature of cement grinding tile, forced cooling measures, such as cylinder water spraying and air blowing inside sliding shoe cover, lead to the pollution of lubricating oil in the thin oil station of grinding end, frequent replacement, and high maintenance cost. The use of clinker water spraying also affects the product quality to some extent.

In view of this situation from the process, equipment, electrical, installation, civil and other comprehensive aspects of one by one investigation, finally adopted in the grinding tail sliding ring inside the heat insulation transformation measures to completely solve the problem.

2. Cause investigation and treatment of watt temperature


2.1 troubleshooting of temperature measuring elements

The cause of the high temperature of tile must be simple to difficult, because the cause of the impact of the high temperature of tile may be signal transmission, temperature measuring components, display Settings and other small errors caused by the wrong judgment, this can avoid waiting until the completion of large inspection construction found that it is a small problem.This inspection is mainly conducted by electricians and verified by checking the replacement of platinum thermal resistance and setting of display instrument.

2.2 cooling water factor investigation

The temperature of cooling water is generally 15~27 ℃, and the water supply pressure is 0.35~ 0.4mpa, which can meet the use requirements of cooling water.The oil supply temperature of cement mill lubricating oil shall not exceed 40 ℃ generally, but it is best to maintain at about 35 ℃ in summer, which can ensure the best condition of lubricating oil and reduce tile temperature.Reducing the oil supply temperature can be ensured by increasing the area of the plate cooler and connecting the backpipe to the cooling water supply.It is proved that the oil supply temperature can be controlled at about 35 ℃ in summer after the implementation of these two measures.Towa waterway inspection is the first factor to be eliminated, towa waterway debris blockage, scale can reduce the cooling water, the effect is weakened.If necessary, disassemble the end cover of the sliding shoe seal for inspection and exclusion.


2.3 modification of heat insulation inside the mill

The heat generated by the tortile of the mill mainly comes from the two aspects of rotating motion friction and heat transfer inside the cylinder. The heat generated by friction is carried away by lubricating oil and cooling water. Heat transfer of the cylinder must reduce the conduction velocity by means of heat insulation measures inside the cylinder.It is calculated that 60% of the heat of tovah comes from the self-heating and grinding heat of the materials in the cement grinding, which is transmitted to tovah through the cylinder.Therefore, it is an effective method to solve the high temperature of towawa to find a material with low thermal conductivity to minimize the heat transfer to towawa.The thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber felt is 0.060~ 0.085w/(m·K), which has the advantages of low thermal conductivity and is conducive to secondary processing and construction, so our company decides to use ceramic fiber felt for thermal insulation construction.

3 conclusion

There are many reasons for the high temperature of cement grinding material end tile, such as cylinder sliding ring machining accuracy, grinding head grinding end installation elevation difference beyond the standard, cylinder and reducer coaxiality error, and several reasons mentioned in this paper.

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