Operation points of grate cooler in cement rotary kiln

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1. Air volume of grate cooler

In the operation of grate cooler, the first thing to pay attention to is the relationship between the output and the running speed, the running speed and the thickness of the material layer, and the thickness of the material layer and the air volume.

2. Material layer thickness

In order to cool the clinker better and prevent the occurrence of "red river" phenomenon, the grate cooler should adopt the operation mode of thick material layer and large air volume (pay attention to the grate pressure and grate bed pushing pressure to ensure the safety of the operation of the equipment), and the air volume should take short time and no blowing through as the reference.The grate velocity of each section should be adjusted according to the thickness of the material layer, so it is necessary to strengthen the close linkage between the central control of the kiln and the posts inside the kiln, and timely adjust according to the site situation.

3. Waste heat power generation

After the commissioning of waste heat power generation, on the premise of stabilizing the secondary wind temperature (1100℃) as much as possible, the grate velocity can be appropriately increased at one stage (10-13 times per minute), and the clinker can be cooled at the second stage to increase the temperature in the medium-temperature area of waste heat power generation.


The yield and grate velocity match each other.Due to the unstable discharge of the kiln, it is necessary to maintain a proper surplus capacity in the grate velocity control, especially when there is an omen of flushing in the kiln (such as in the early feeding period) and when the snowman pushes the grate cooler in the front, speed up the grate velocity in advance, increase the air volume of the grate cooler, and increase the air volume of the kiln head exhaust fan.

5. Secondary wind temperature

In order to ensure quenching of clinker and secondary air temperature, the fan in each chamber of the first section is usually open at 70-90%.

6 stop making snowmen.

The push yeti device in the front of grate cooler should be operated once per shift to prevent the building of yeti. When the kiln grits badly or the kiln skin falls off, the frequency should be increased.Each post should strengthen the grate cooler ash hopper, to prevent the grate cooler ash hopper accumulation too much lead to equipment accidents, or because of too much discharge lead to the chain bucket load is too large (also easy to cause equipment accidents).When the chain bucket load is too large, the grate velocity of the second and third sections of grate cooler should be adjusted in time.

7 current.

Pay attention to the current of the crusher to prevent the material from getting stuck too much.

8. Kiln mouth temperature

Attention should be paid to adjusting and controlling the inlet temperature when collecting dust.When the inlet temperature reaches 150℃, start 2~3 cooling fans according to the intake sequence, and gradually increase the number of fans as the temperature increases (pay attention to keep all fans in ready state), confirm and ensure that the dust inlet temperature is below 180℃.

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