Material moisture for a long time to choose the crusher

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The double-stage crusher is improved on the basis of the old hammer crusher.

The aircraft can be a very good solution to the outdoor production material moisture faults, the machine design will not cause the clogging in the machine for no screen problem, because the two-stage crusher in design is not the bottom of the screen and screen, so even the material moisture point again big, smashing half wet materials, high wet material also won't happen jam, even on a rainy day can also be normal production.

In addition, although the two-stage mill does not screen bottom, but the use of the upper and lower two stages of rotor crushing, particle size is more uniform, and ultra-fine, can be controlled in 2 mm.It is the first choice for brick factory to use coal gangue as additive to crush coal gangue, coal cinder, shale and construction waste.

Two-stage crusher is mainly used in coal gangue, coal, coal cinder, slag, shale, clay, kaolin clay, bentonite, coal, mud, mud cake, construction waste, iron ore, cobble, limestone, slag, coke, galena, siderite, sphalerite, limonite and so on, does not exceed 150 mpa compressive strength of materials, particularly suitable for discharging a finer particle size requirements, moisture content of the larger finely, brittle materials are widely used in chemical industry, electric power, smelting, mining, building materials, mineral processing and other industries.

Two-stage crusher work, under the double motor drive, each string of high-speed rotating at the same time, the two sets of rotor cavity of the material in the machine immediately through superior rotor to crush by rapid rotation of the lower rotor hammer head again finely, lumen material rapid collision each other, each other when the fans broken, achieve hammer powder, the effect of powder material, form the discharging coal particle size less than 3 mm.

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