Neglected details of equipment maintenance in cement plant

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A cement production line has hundreds of equipment, the nature of cement production process determines the equipment to operate 24 hours, most of these equipment in the high temperature, dust environment, how to make these equipment stable, efficient, low-cost operation is in front of the equipment managers a topic.In business management, equipment maintenance is more difficult to do well than equipment maintenance, which is easier to reflect a company's management level.

Maintenance is out of the question to make up for, and maintenance is to prevent the happening of the problem, it is through the past experience of equipment use, maintenance and other summary and analysis, and work out a in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment needed for the plan and implement all kinds of work, so that devices that use cycle longer and better economy, it is active.Talk about cement plant equipment to maintain a few neglected details below, do these, cost is not much, can bring better economic benefit however.


1 neglect one: coupling

The coupling consists of two semi-couplings that connect the two shafts together to transmit motion and torque.Cement plant equipment used more coupling, various forms, each kind of coupling has their own characteristics and scope of application.Most of the fan equipment adopts elastic sleeve pin coupling or elastic column pin coupling.The elastic ring of the elastic sleeve column pin coupling is easy to be damaged. If not replaced in time, the pin hole will be worn into an oval shape and the coupling needs to be replaced. As we know, replacing the coupling is more time-consuming and strenuous than replacing the elastic ring.As the motor starts up more and more times, some nylon pin of the coupling will break. If not replaced in time, the remaining nylon pin will break quickly, which will cause equipment shutdown and affect normal production.

In addition, all couplings shall check the alignment once a year to confirm whether the axial and radial deviations of the two semi-couplings are within the technical requirements, so as to reduce the relative displacement as much as possible and effectively extend the service life of the couplings.


2. Neglect # 2: filters

The filters used in cement plants are air filters, oil filters, pipe filters and so on.Air compressor, roots fan air inlet is an air filter, it filters the outside particulate matter, dust, suspended matter, moisture in the air.Without the obstruction of air filter, these impurities will enter into the internal wear parts of the machine. When the air filter is blocked by suspended particles in the air and cannot meet the air flow required by the machine, the equipment will appear muffled sound, weak work, relatively high temperature and other phenomena.When these symptoms appear, the air filter can be judged to be blocked, should be replaced in time.

During maintenance, attention should be paid to the change of the color of the inner and outer surface of the filter element. After dust removal, if the natural color of the outer surface of the filter paper is clear and the inner surface is bright, it can continue to be used. If the outer surface of the filter paper has lost its natural color or the inner surface is dark, it must be replaced.Oil filter is mostly used in the gas station, which is used to filter out the impurity in the oil, oxide, abrasive dust, jelly, etc., if the oil is not filtered, directly into lubricating oil road, plug nozzle will occur and make the lubrication part of the oil and cause damage, impurities will cause the system hydraulic components stuck to jump stop, chip will accelerate the wear and tear of parts.Failure to check or replace the oil filter in time will lead to the reduction of oil flow and the failure to lubricate the friction surfaces of the running parts, resulting in damage.


3.Three neglected: heat exchangers

Heat exchanger is heat exchange equipment, commonly used water cooling and wind cooling, cement plant used most of the heat exchanger is used to reduce the temperature of lubricating oil.Many equipment in cement plant are equipped with oil temperature alarm and shutdown Settings, so the maintenance of heat exchanger is also very important.Plate heat exchanger needs to clean up the dust and attachments on the heat sink regularly. If the heat transfer effect of the tube heat exchanger becomes worse, open the end cover to check the fouling situation on the inner wall of the water pipe. If necessary, use drugs to clean the heat transfer area.

The air cooling channel and heat sink behind the frequency conversion cabinet of electrical appliances should also be cleaned up regularly. Otherwise, the poor heat dissipation effect will cause the frequency converter to overheat and cause the equipment to stop.The cooling water entering the heat exchanger must be filtered to prevent the blockage of the channel containing particles, solid impurities and fibers. The daily inspection is mainly to observe the change of water temperature and water pressure at the inlet and outlet.

heat exchangers

4. Neglect of ventilation cap

Most reducer boxes and hydraulic oil stations in cement plants are equipped with ventilation caps connected with the outside world, mainly used to balance the internal and external atmospheric pressure of reducer boxes and hydraulic oil stations, and play a role in eliminating internal heat to achieve cooling.If the reducer is operated for a long time, the internal oil temperature will rise, especially in summer. The rising temperature will make the gas in the limited space of the reducer expand. In order to avoid the expansion gas from pressing the oil out of the dynamic oil seal of the reducer, the reducer is equipped with a breathable cap.

If the ventilation cap is blocked during the operation of the equipment, it will not only leak oil and affect the appearance, but also cause the temperature rise, reducer and inaccurate oil mark of the oil station.Vent cap in the upper portion of the reducer and station, inside has a layer of simple dustproof net, if reducer running time of oil from oil scale hole or dynamic oozes out oil seal, oil stop check oil level and within the prescribed scope, can determine is the vent plug, the reason is that when running slow down the higher air pressure, is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the oil from oil scale hole or dynamic oil seal is pressed out, at this moment need cleaning dredge vent to eliminate symptoms.So in the usual inspection to learn to observe carefully, do not put a similar phenomenon ventilation cap, small treatment to solve big problems.


5 conclusion

In the cement plant equipment management, many managers pay attention to maintenance, neglect some small, low value parts maintenance.The effect of the above components is often ignored. These components are relatively low in amount, easy to replace and time-saving, but they can play a good role in the good and long-term operation of the equipment, and can exchange relatively low maintenance cost for greater operation benefit.

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