Method to improve production efficiency of intermittent ball mill

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The intermittent ball mill is a process in which the mass particle becomes fine powder by impact, extrusion, grinding and so on under the action of external force to overcome the stress when the object deforms and the cohesion of the particle.Because the intermittent ball mill structure is simple, the work is safe and reliable, the production adaptability is strong, can dry grinding or wet grinding, can be continuous or intermittent, can obtain a higher ball grinding fineness (up to 1.5-0.07mm below), the energy utilization rate is generally only 1-2%.Therefore, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of ball grinding.

When rotary grinding machine, medium in inertial centrifugal force produced under the action of friction, and cylinder attached on the inner wall of the simplified with cylinder rotary, and taken to a certain height, due to the medium itself quality effect, free xie fall or thrown down, hit at the bottom of the simplified material, at the same time, in the process of simplified rotary ball mill medium as well as sliding and flow, make the material between the q by exfoliation, so constantly impact and grinding strip material grinding into fine powder.Due to the influence of the rotating speed of the mill, the loading quantity of the medium, the type of the lining plate and other factors, different motion states are generated.Its basic state has drop, drop and centrifugal three.

The rotating speed of the cylinder determines the moving state of the medium. When the rotating speed of the cylinder is low, the medium increases along the concentric circle track by the force of friction.When the gradient of the surface layer medium exceeds the natural resting Angle, the medium falls down layer by layer along the inclined plane, which is a continuous cycle, that is, falling movement.At this time, the material mainly due to the medium of mutual sliding, rolling and grinding action.When the speed of the cylinder is higher, the medium increases along the arc path, beyond the natural body Angle, until the medium gravity and inertia centrifugal force balance, the medium is dropped from space.That's the dropping state.The dropped medium has a shock effect on the material, so that it is crushed, at the same time mixed with a rolling and sliding, dry wear and peel the material.When the speed of the cylinder is too high, the medium rotates with the cylinder due to centrifugal force, which is called centrifugal motion.At this time the medium does not pulverize the material, so the ball mill speed cannot be too high, that is, there is a limit of critical speed.When selecting the actual working speed, attention should be paid to the impact and stripping relationship, as well as the specifications of the ball mill, production mode, liner shape, medium type and loading amount, the nature of the ball mill materials, grinding particle size and ball grinding fineness.

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