The measure of bending deformation of lime kiln cylinder

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The most important equipment in lime production line is rotary kiln, so operators must pay more attention to the subtle changes of rotary kiln equipment in actual production.For the lime rotary kiln, the common problem is the most easy to produce is the rotary kiln cylinder bending deformation, many customers do not take this seriously, in fact, the lime rotary kiln cylinder bending deformation is not to be underestimated, this paper we will understand together.

1. Keep the cylinder "straight and round"

Usually in normal production, we must maintain the rotary kiln cylinder "straight and round" geometry.However, the survey data in the industry show that most of the customers do not strictly implement this regulation, and even the installation and fixation of many rotary kilns are random, so the bending deformation of rotary kilns is inevitable.

2. Reasons for cylinder bending

Lime rotary kiln shell bending deformation occurred mostly is due to due to violate equipment operation procedures, such as rotary kiln kiln stop without turning kiln, according to regulations or local brick fall off set fill not in time, or stop caused by the special kiln after long-term cannot turn (such as sealing ring burn out, all of a sudden power outage, roller damage, etc.) tube bent, serious when, belting leather and wheel out of contact, or even change the fixed kiln phenomenon.

3. How to deal with the cylinder after bending

The bending deformation of lime kiln cylinder is not to be underestimated, so what should we do?In this case, use the auxiliary motor to turn the kiln slowly until the large motor can turn the kiln again.In the slow rotary kiln, small fire is used to make the rotary kiln cylinder gradually return to normal after slow rotation, and then adjust to normal according to the condition of supporting wheel.

4. Avoid it in production

Finally, if the rotary kiln deformation, from the kiln motor ammeter to see the current is not constant, rotary kiln easy to take off bricks, uneven contact between the belt and the roller, resulting in serious displacement of the belt and other phenomena, you can use in your daily work.

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