Mixed crushing process hydraulic impact crusher

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The main raw material for cement production is limestone.The most common equipment used in rock quarrying in shan is jaw crusher and other rock crushers. The most important part of cement production is mixed crushing, which refers to the production process of two raw materials being sent into a counter crushing machine for crushing in a certain proportion in cement production.

Common mixed and broken limestone and marl, limestone and shale, limestone and clay, etc.Among them, the mixed crushing of limestone and clay is the crushing of two raw materials with very different physical properties, especially when mixed with clay materials with high plasticity and large moisture content, it is more difficult.

Hydraulic impact crusher is the latest generation product which absorbs the latest technology of the international counterattack and endows it with the quality of the international advanced level.The rotor is the "heart" of the crusher, and it is also the most strictly accepted parts of the counter crusher, which plays a vital role in the work.

Therefore, a heavy-duty rotor with a strong structure is developed and produced to obtain a higher moment of inertia.High wear - resistant materials and the best crushing cavity, make the crusher excellent performance.Hybrid composed of hydraulic counterattack crusher crushing technology to bring the following benefits: in the process of crushing limestone broken material by wet material package, reduce dust, forming of rubble and wet soil mix viscosity decreases, and the increased liquidity, reduce the congestion of the valve, with using belt conveyor transport and storage in the yard prehomogenization and rake in performance.

Impact crusher is very suitable for crushing all kinds of soft and medium hard ores, for coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing operations, for slag, coal gangue, crusher fly ash and other materials with jaw crusher, impact crusher and other processing, can replace limestone, production of cement.A clayey high aluminum material and industrial waste residue, such as slag, fly ash, coal gangue as the main raw material, adding 5% of special additives, sintering temperature, 700 degrees Celsius, energy consumption is only 1/2 of ordinary cement new technology of geopolymer cement, the cement does not need to limestone, fuel consumption is small, can reduce 50% of coal combustion, therefore a substantial reduction in dust and gas, and 50% of the raw material is waste residue, the folding strength of cement standard # 2 ~ 3 times that of ordinary cement, such as for only half the thickness of the road construction.

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