What factors should be considered in choosing crushing machine?

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The reasonable choice of crushing equipment can help the producers to solve many problems. However, when choosing crushing equipment, we should not only consider one reason, but consider all aspects.The crushing equipment is mainly affected by material type and hardness, moisture content, cleavage degree, particle size in and out of the material, in addition, the construction site and output should also be considered.

1. Types and hardness of materials

Material type and hardness is an important principle of choosing crusher, the hardness of different materials is not the same, mohs hardness is usually used to express the hardness of materials.There are 10 degrees of mohs hardness, and the harder the ore, the harder it is to break, and vice versa.

2. Water content of materials

The water content of the material will also affect the choice of crusher, when the water content is too large, the fine material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse material due to the increase of humidity, thereby increasing the viscosity of the material, reducing the rate of ore discharge, so that the productivity has decreased.In serious cases, it may even cause blocking of ore discharge port and affect the normal production.


3, the solution of the ore hair up to the degree

The degree of ore breaking also directly affects the crusher productivity -- when the ore is broken, it is easy to fracture along the cleavage surface, so the crushing of the ore, the crusher productivity is correspondingly much higher than the crushing of the ore with dense structure.

4. Particle size of incoming and outgoing materials


The in-and-out particle size is used to determine the type and crushing level of the needed crushing equipment.

If the content of coarse grains in the broken material (the size of large dry discharge ore mouth) is higher or the ratio of the maximum bulk to the width of the ore is larger, the crushing ratio (the ratio of the particle size of the material before crushing and the particle size of the material after crushing) of the crusher needs to be larger, so the productivity decreases.The crushing ratio should be small if the fine particle content of the broken material (close to or smaller than the size of the ore discharge port) is more or the ratio of the maximum bulk of the ore to the width of the ore is smaller, so the productivity should be increased correspondingly.

5. Construction site

Construction site area size is also one of the factors that people choose the crusher.In addition, the location of crushing equipment also affects the choice of crusher.

6, production

Output is also an important indicator to determine the type selection of crushing equipment. It is generally understood that the higher the output requirement is, the larger the crushing equipment specification is, and the corresponding input and output will increase.

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