Application of high efficiency and energy saving circulating fan in ATOX50 vertical mill system

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Energy conservation and environmental protection is the inevitable trend of national development in the next few decades, and also the main direction of survival and development of cement enterprises in the future.The new dry normal line is prepared by vertical mill system.With the development of science and technology, the vertical grinding is getting bigger and bigger, the matching circular fan specifications are getting bigger and bigger, the installation power can reach 4~500 kW.The huge power consumption index has become an important part of the power consumption of the whole vertical mill system.In this paper, a set of ATOX50 vertical mill supporting circulating fan is adopted to realize energy-saving transformation. It is proved that replacing high-efficiency energy-saving fan with the complete machine is a very convenient method to reduce the power consumption of vertical grinding system..

1. Switch methods

Due to the short inspection time, the original wind turbine has the same foundation, retaining the original motor and base.The original fan in and out of the air duct position remains unchanged.The newly designed high efficiency circulating fan is replaced by hollow spindle, low resistance air inlet and parts.Low resistance into the outlet tube, reduce the resistance, higher efficiency.After the fan enters the factory, the construction period includes disassembly and commissioning time of about 15d.

The shell of the new high efficiency circulating fan has a large ventilation part.We had to open the original air outlet and recreate the foot support so that the new fan could be installed smoothly.

2. Analysis of transformation effect and economic benefit


1) significant energy savings

Since this technical modification only replaces the new efficient circulating fan, other process systems have not been changed.According to the energy saving statistics of the whole raw material system, the energy saving of clinker is calculated as 2.26 KWH/ton, and the circulating fan is used.In addition, according to statistics, energy saving of tons of clinker accounts for 2.32 KWH/ton.After the transformation, the power consumption of the circulating fan accounts for 46.82% of the power consumption of the raw material system, which is 4.87% lower than before the transformation.

2) smooth operation

It is particularly noteworthy that, due to the use of hollow shaft and spindle surface hardening technology for circulating fans, the improved fan achieves a very stable operating state, and the maximum vibration speed of each bearing box is less than 1.75mm/s.

Through the technical transformation of the whole circulating fan, the goal of high yield, energy saving and consumption reduction of the vertical mill system is achieved, and the expected effect is achieved.

3. Summary and improvement

1) cement enterprises, especially fans of high-power fans, are the main power consumers of cement enterprises.Carefully explore the energy saving potential of the equipment, whether it is the consumption of single electrical equipment or grinding process power consumption, there will be a lot of energy saving space.

2) the specially designed hollow shaft technology circulatory fan runs more smoothly in production, making the equipment safer and the system easier to improve the operation rate.

3) if the pipeline of the grinding system and the outlet pipeline of the original fan are boldly modified to make the airflow more stable and further reduce the system resistance, we believe that the operating power consumption of the circulating fan will be reduced.Continue to reduce process power consumption.

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