The performance characteristics of roll crusher

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Double roll crusher, also known as the roll crusher.Mainly used for crushing ore, rock and other materials.This machine has the advantages of small crushing ratio, low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance, uniform particle size of crushed materials, low over-crushing rate, convenient maintenance, sensitive overload protection, safe and reliable.

1. Know roller crusher

The roller crusher is suitable for the coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle block materials in cement, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, fire-resistant materials, coal mines and other industries, with large input particle size, adjustable output particle size, and crushing of materials with opposite pressure strength ≤160MPa.Especially in the coal industry, the crushing of raw coal by this machine can be carried out directly by removing iron, impurities and gangue without removing them. The crushed materials have average particle size and low over-crushing rate, which simplifies the coal preparation process and reduces the investment and production cost.

2. Performance characteristics

(1). The equipment is reliable and simple in structure;

(2). Smooth operation, high energy saving, high crushing efficiency;

(3). Low operating cost, adjustable discharge particle size;

(4). Small space and convenient operation and maintenance.

3. How it works

Of roll crusher with a wedge or gasket between the two roller adjusting device, adjusting bolt, wedge at the top of the device when the adjusting bolt will wedge pulled up, wedge rolling activity to the top from the fixed wheel, namely two roller clearance greatens, discharging granularity, when the wedge downward, activities under the action of the roller in a compression spring two rounds of smaller clearance, discharge size smaller.The gasket device can adjust the size of discharge particle size by increasing the number or thickness of gaskets. When increasing the gasket, the gap between the two rollers becomes larger; when reducing the gasket, the gap between the two rollers becomes smaller, and the discharge particle size becomes smaller.

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