Performance characteristics of heavy hammer crusher

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Heavy hammer crusher is an important equipment in the production process, we only understand the characteristics of heavy hammer crusher performance, in order to better use.

1, the feed

It is allowed to have large feeding particle size (>800mm), large crushing ratio and small product particle size (<3-8mm).

2, cost,

Low operating cost, small supporting power of the system, greatly reduced production cost, more than 40% of the electricity savings than the conventional three-level crushing.

3. Tertiary crushing

Heavy - duty hammer crusher is suitable for single - stage crushing of brittle materials with medium hardness.

4, application

Heavy-duty hammer crusher is widely used in cement, ceramics, glass, artificial sand, coal, non-metal mines and new green building materials industries.Large pieces of material into the crushing cavity, stacked in the machine set on the middle bracket, the hammer head in the middle bracket gap operation, the large pieces of material continuously broken and falling, falling small pieces by high-speed operation of the hammer head further hit and broken, finally after the arc grate plate are all qualified unloading.

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