Failure analysis and solution of roll crusher

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After the machine bought back, due to improper operation in the process of use, there will often be some small faults, how to deal with these faults?

At this time, we need to analyze and solve the roller crusher fault according to the actual situation of the site.


1. Low output and high current of roller crusher

Analysis: material water content is large, and the gap between the roller crusher scraper and roll is too large.

Solution: reduce the moisture content of the material, at the same time adjust the roller crusher scraper, so that it can play the role of scraping mud.

2, the roller crusher motor suddenly trip

Analysis: the bearing damage to the roller crusher, or whether the feeding amount is too large

Solution: if the bearing is damaged, replace it in time.If the feeding quantity is too large, check whether the slow feeding equipment is maladjusted and adjust the feeding quantity.3, the material particles through fine

Analysis: the long time work of the broken roll, roll surface wear is relatively large.

Solution: adjust the discharge port or inspect the equipment.


3, the roller crusher motor bearing heating

analysis: (1) the roller crusher triangle belt is too tight, bearing force is too large.(2), the roller crusher bearing lubrication grease is insufficient or bearing wear.

solution: (1) adjust the roller crusher motor set wire, so that the triangle belt elastic appropriate.(2) open the roller crusher bearing cover with sufficient lubricating grease or replace the bearing.

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