Benefit analysis of new material wear - resistant alloy roller sleeve in cement roller press

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Roller press has been widely used for its advantages of energy saving, production increase, high efficiency and mature technology.In the grinding process of cement, the role of roller press in grinding system is fully utilized.It will be the future development direction to transform or even replace the traditional grinding system.Roller is the core part of roller press, its reliability and its surface performance.Life is a vital factor

Benefit analysis

1) after replacing the wear-resistant alloy sleeve with new material, the running current of the roller press is reduced from 54.5a to 44a to ensure that the gaps between the gaps are within A reasonable range.Constant pressure on both sides, stable roller press.

2) the performance of the wear-resistant alloy roller sleeve made of the new material is better than that of the composite wear-resistant roller sleeve and commonly used welded roller sleeve on the market.Strip grinding can be achieved by avoiding spikes and maintenance time.The main materials consumed are grinding wheel and alloy electrode.Compared with the composite roller, the annual maintenance and welding cost can be saved 290,000 yuan, and the annual production can be 28 days.According to the calculation of 4000 tons per day, it can produce 110,000 tons of cement, which is equivalent to the output of a mill in one month.Compared with the welding roller, the annual maintenance cost can be saved 660,000 yuan.

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