Why can impact crusher become the necessary equipment of production line

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Impact crusher, a good helper of medium and fine crushing processing, is often used in the crushing and sand production line for the second stage of breaking, and for the flow operation that often needs to move, according to the type of processing raw materials, size and requirements of finished materials can be used in a variety of configurations.

Ore is a kind of valuable mineral stone, after crushing, grinding and other progressive processing applied in the construction industry, iron (public) road construction units, cement industry and sand and stone industry and other engineering fields, among which the impact crusher, a powerful medium and fine stone breaking equipment, has received much attention in the industry.


Why the impact of crushing opportunities is stone production line must choose equipment?

1. From the grain shape of finished products

Counterattack crusher product grain shape is better than cone crusher grain shape, the needle flake content is low, powder, and the counterattack crusher also has a certain effect of micro plastic, granular materials become after the broken cube, so for those who has strict requirements in the finished material particle size and users friends, choose good counterattack crusher.

2. From the equipment price

Compared with the cone crusher of the same specifications, the counter crushing machine to discount 20 to 40 thousand, so that the counter crusher is a more "poor" second break must choose equipment, compared with the cone crusher, it is more suitable for user investment.

Impact type ore crusher "efficient + environmental protection" hard to resist

What if you want to be efficient and green?Impact type ore crusher to do, in recent years, increased demand for ore, price rises, with an efficient equipment is indispensable, the equipment adopts a new heavy rotor structure and finite element analysis technology, three cavity crushing, crushing cavity increased, the capacity increased, higher efficiency in operation.

In the face of instant roaring sound, dust, black smoke filled the screen, environmental protection counter type sand machine in the inlet installed dust device, internal air self-circulation system, avoid dust production, and the application of high quality motor and noise elimination device, reduce vibration, and eliminate noise.Impact crusher is an affordable stone breaking equipment, the structure is simple and reasonable, high degree of mechanization, save a lot of time, manpower, core parts long life, low production cost.

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