When the tube mill tile heat should be how to deal with?

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Tube mill tile heat and oil quality, contact, temperature, etc. are closely related, the following on the causes and prevention of tile heat talk about personal experience or views.

1. The cause of tile fever


1.1 heat of tile caused by poor lubrication.

Poor lubrication includes poor oil quality, insufficient oil, more impurities, low viscosity.When such as oil viscosity is not enough, will cause low oil film strength or formation of oil film, tile and shaft will be in direct contact, promote the increase of friction, heat increase, and cause large tile heat;Oil shortage, shaft and friction heat is not discharge in time, and the low viscosity, high oil temperature cause tile fever: three oil is the impurity is large, the impurities can cause of shaft and wear or injury, damage to the oil film, causing poor contact, grinding of metal debris can also precipitate in tile edging, affect the formation of oil wedge, influence of lubricating oil import, oil film, cause tile hot: when the oil is enough, it is not easy to form the fluid lubrication, 2 it is to weaken the ability of heat can be taken away, tile, etc.

1.2 high temperature of cooling water or insufficient cooling water will cause heating of tiles.

When the water temperature is high, the first oil can not be very good cooling, oil film strength decreases, causing heat tile;High water temperature inside the heat can not be replaced in time, causing tile heat;Water shortage, low pressure, will cause heat can not be discharged in time, also cause tile heat.In short, heat cannot be discharged in time leading to the decline of oil film strength, will make tile temperature rise high.

1.3 excessive temperature of grinding body.

Grinding the grinding medium and liner, the impact of the material and a lot of heat generated by the friction, part through the material out, part of a distributed through the barrel, as part of a mill hollow shaft by oil send out some of the heat, grinding temperature is too high, can make the oil temperature is too high, the oil film strength drops, tile will be fever, because near the cylinder part of two-dimensional heat transfer, so the temperature higher, most of the tile burning here, it is for this reason.Secondly, in the position of the hollow axis, there is a heat insulation material between the discharge device and the hollow axis. The damage of the heat insulation layer will make more heat transfer to the tile, causing tile heat.

1.4Poor contact between watts and hollow shaft causes heating of watts.

Poor contact in several ways, the first contact with the hollow shaft can not meet the specification requirements, the second is the sphere rotation is not flexible, such as spherical tile limit excessive, spherical tile with the base resistance is too large, limiting the sphere tile with hollow shaft rotation, grinding force is too large, body inside as it causes it is also easy to cause tile near the cylinder end of fever, the main factors and so on.

1.5 tile fever caused by other aspects.

If the tile Angle is too large or too small, too large, not conducive to the entry of lubricating oil;Between the shaft and tile, too little, friction, easy to cause oil film damage, cause tile heat.There are improper tile, the gap is too small, tile by mud jam, etc., will make tile heat

Tube mill

2. Preventive measures for tile fever


2.1 ensure oil quality.

It is necessary to ensure that the impurities in the lubricating oil do not exceed the standard and the viscosity is appropriate. When the excess is found, the lubricating oil must be filtered or replaced to meet the requirements.At the same time, it is recommended to ensure the oil supply temperature is less than 45℃ in use. If 220 lubricating oil is used, the oil return temperature should be less than 55℃. If 320 lubricating oil is used, the oil return temperature should be less than 65℃.

2.2 ensure the cooling waterway is smooth.

Periodically remove dirt from spherical tiles and coolers to ensure water quantity. It is recommended that the cooling water supply temperature be less than 30℃.

2.3 hollow shaft and discharging device

Ensure the insulation layer between the hollow shaft and the discharging device is intact, and check periodically to ensure the heat insulation effect and avoid the overheating of the hollow shaft.

2.4 clinker temperature

By reducing the clinker temperature, improve the mill operating efficiency, strengthen ventilation, reduce the circulation load and other measures, reduce the temperature inside the mill, reduce the cylinder temperature.

2.5 clean the earthen oil sludge

Often or regularly clean the earthen oil sludge, so that the oil smoothly imported.

2.6 in the repair and research process

In the process of tile repair and grinding, must install jcj-90 standard scraping, ensure the gap of tile, ensure the Angle of tile, ensure the flexibility of spherical tile, ensure the limit of tile to meet the degree of freedom in the tile seat, the seat to ensure the contact accuracy of tile.

2.7 ensure oil quantity

Ensure enough oil to wash and cool.

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