When buying a jaw crusher, consider the following seven points

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  As an indispensable equipment for infrastructure construction, jaw crusher has a wide range of applications.When purchasing jaw crusher, the customer must be practical.

  In addition to selecting the following factors, please understand the characteristics and application range of various crushing equipment and then refer to the manufacturer's quality of service:

  1、We have to determine the materials to be processed.

  We have to decide which jaw crusher to use and which jaw crusher to use according to our production capacity.

  2. After the specification of jaw crusher model is determined,

        It should be compared with many manufacturers and choose a company with good reputation, so that if there is any quality problem in the future, it can be guaranteed.

  As for the selection, it is possible to carry out on-site inspection or refer to the previous production line made by the crushing manufacturer for customers to understand how it works and the reputation among users.

  3. Consider the specific gravity of the ore:

       The specific gravity of the ore is directly proportional to the productivity of the jaw crusher - the same jaw crusher will have different productivity when processing the ore with different specific gravity.

  4. Consider the humidity of materials:

        The humidity of materials has little influence on crushing.

  However, if there is too much impurity (mud or fine ore) in the material, the fine material will agglomerate or adhere to the coarse particles due to the increase of humidity.

  In materials, this increases the viscosity of the material, reduces the rate of discharge, and reduces productivity.

  5. Consider the particle size composition of crushed materials:

       when the coarse particle content of crushed materials (large size of dry discharge port) is high or the ratio of large ore mass to ore width is large, the crusher needs to achieve a larger crushing rate.

  As a result, productivity decreases;

  When the fine material content of the crushed material (close to or less than the size of the outlet) is larger or the ore mass is smaller than the ore width, the crushing rate should be small and therefore the productivity is high.

  6. The total output and grade of finished products, according to the choice of jaw crusher type and production capacity;

  Physical properties of materials, such as brittleness, viscosity, moisture content and large feed volume;

  Technical and economic indicators, to meet the requirements of quality and quantity, easy to operate, reliable work, and to a large extent to save costs;

  Crushing equipment is a big investment, customers should be careful when choosing.

  7. Guarantee after-sales service: at the same time,

       It is very important that the manufacturer's after-sales service should be considered when the customer purchases.

  Many businesses regard after-sales service as the highlight of the new competition.

  After-sales service is very important.

  In many cases, professional manufacturers can provide quick maintenance, so that the failure of mechanical equipment will have less impact on the production schedule.

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