What is the cause of idling of the flywheel of jaw crusher?

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The structure of jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, flywheel, moving jaw, bracket, locking spring and fixed jaw.The flywheel and groove wheel of jaw crusher are respectively installed on both sides of the eccentric shaft. The main function of flywheel is to balance the weight of the groove wheel, and the second function is to store energy.When the flywheel fails, the normal production of the jaw crusher cannot be guaranteed. What is the reason for the idling of the flywheel of the jaw crusher?

1. Swing of flywheel of jaw crusher is abnormal

jaw crusher

Reason analysis:

In the process of running for a long time continuously, the broken material is rolled into the inner side of the wheel, which causes the wheel shell of the flywheel and groove wheel to crack. Meanwhile, the flywheel hole, groove wheel hole and bearing of the equipment are worn, which causes the important parts to become loose.In addition, the loose tensioning sleeve of the flywheel and groove wheel or the casting defect of the equipment itself will cause the flywheel of the jaw crusher to swing too much.

Treatment measures:

When the flywheel swing abnormal, the staff must immediately stop the equipment operation, jaw crusher to repair, add flywheel, groove wheel protective cover, timely replace the eccentric shaft, flywheel, groove wheel, for other worn parts should also be replaced in a timely manner.

2. The flywheel of jaw crusher rotates but the eccentric shaft does not rotate

jaw crusher

Reason analysis:

When the connecting part of the belt wheel and the flywheel is loose or damaged, there will be no connection function. The belt wheel and the flywheel cannot run synchronously, resulting in the failure of the flywheel driving the eccentric shaft.

Treatment measures:

Check the connection part of the flywheel, repair and deal with the loose or damaged parts in time, ensure the synchronous operation of the flywheel and eccentric shaft, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment for crushing operation.

3. The flywheel of jaw crusher appears idling

jaw crusher

Reason analysis:

The jaw crusher did not work properly, but the flywheel components continued to turn.Is due to the jaw crusher eccentric shaft rod device damage, resulting in the loss of support bracket bracket, rod spring failure, the bracket plate from the rod support block slide out, jaw crusher bracket plate because of the work load is large, the bracket plate fracture, the size of the material can not be adjusted, resulting in the jaw crusher main machine shut down but the flywheel is still rotating phenomenon.

Treatment measures:

Check the running condition of various parts related to the bracket and adjust it in time. When the bracket breaks down, replace new parts in time and install them correctly.

Due to the bad working environment and medium conditions, jaw crusher will inevitably have some problems in use, and it is necessary to remove the problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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