What do you know about the cone crusher

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Cone crusher is more than jaw crusher, impact crusher crushing particle size is fine, than the sand mill crushing particle size of the crushing machine.Because it is located in the last stage of ore crushing production line, it is also the key equipment of concentrator.

1. Working principle of cone crusher

The cone crusher mainly relies on the impact energy to complete the crushing material operation.When the cone crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material enters into the crusher chamber evenly. The hammer head of high-speed rotation impacts and cuts and RIPS the material, causing the material to be broken.

General industry production line, the cone crusher for fine grinding process, the material's own gravity makes material from high-speed rotating hammer head toward the body baffle, screen, is greater than the screen hole size of material resistance continued to hit by the hammer on the sieve plate and grinding, crushing to the discharging granularity until the final through the sieve plate outside.


2. Classification of cone crusher

Cone crusher according to the scope of use, divided into three kinds of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, coarse crushing cone crusher is also called the cycle crusher, medium crushing and fine crushing cone crusher is also known as mushroom cone crusher.

Gyratory crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment, it is used in mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors, mainly for coarse crushing of various hardness of ore.Mushroom crusher is mainly used as a variety of hardness of ore crushing and fine crushing equipment.According to the current situation of the crushing workshop in China's concentrator, the medium crushing equipment mostly adopts standard cone crusher, while the fine crushing equipment mostly USES short head cone crusher, which has almost been finalized.However, the coarse crushing equipment is either a rotary crusher or a jaw crusher.

3. Cone crusher performance characteristics

(1) the perfect combination of high performance crushing cavity type and high crushing frequency greatly improves the processing capacity of cone crusher. Moreover, due to the adoption of laminar crushing principle, most crushing products are cubic structure, which greatly reduces the needle and flake materials.

(2) cone crusher structure is simple, easy to operate, maintenance, discharge port adjustment is convenient and fast, maintenance time and labor saving, especially the liner is easy to replace quickly, reduce the downtime.

(3) when the foreign body cannot be broken through the crushing cavity or the machine is overloaded for some reason, the cone crusher spring insurance system can achieve insurance, the cone crusher discharge ore increase.The foreign body is discharged from the crushing cavity of the cone crusher. If the foreign body is stuck in the ore discharge mouth, the cavity cleaning system is used to continue to increase the ore discharge, so that the foreign body is discharged from the crushing cavity of the cone crusher.Cone crusher under the action of spring, discharge port automatically reset, cone crusher machine to restore normal work.

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