What do you know about humidifiers?

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The main function of humidifying tower in cement plant process is to humidify the exhaust gas of dry kiln tail, reduce the specific resistance of high-temperature dust in the exhaust gas, improve the work efficiency of kiln tail electric dust collection, protect the environment, recycle dust, and reduce material consumption.

1. Classification according to use location

Humidifying tower according to the flow direction of the airflow and dust precipitastion direction can be divided into the relationship between forward and reverse flow type, because of th humidifying tower has a simple structure, convenient installation, operation technical requirements is not high, most of the clinker production line adopts th humidifying tower, the use of waste gas of the gas conditioning tower of downstream processing system has a rational layout, the characteristics of the process is simple, at the same time using forward humidifying tower system resistance smaller to save power consumption.

According to the design layout, the humidifier tower can be divided into strong negative pressure type layout and low negative pressure type layout.In general, if the raw material area of the production line is designed with dual fans, the layout of strong negative pressure is adopted. In other words, the humidifying tower is placed before the high-temperature fan at the end of the kiln, and part of the humidifying tower itself is used to replace part of the exhaust duct of preheater.In this way, the system does not require high temperature resistance and wear resistance of the high-temperature fan at the end of the kiln, but it requires high strength and high temperature resistance of the steel structure of the humidifying tower itself, because the shell of the humidifying tower bears the negative pressure of 5000pa-6000pa when the humidifying tower runs at full load.At the same time, the sealing requirements of humidifying tower itself are very high. Air leakage of humidifying tower has a great influence on kiln system technology.

If the production line of raw material area adopts three fan design generally adopt low negative pressure gas conditioning tower is decorated, preheater high temperature of the humidifying tower is in the back of the fan and that of the steel structure of humidifying tower itself strength and resistance to high temperature low demands than strong suction arrangement, at full load operation of the shell under maximum negative pressure between pa pa 500-1000, abnormal case humidifying tower shell will inherit the biggest negative pressure between pa pa 2000-3500.As the high-temperature fan enters the high-temperature fan directly before the humidifying tower, the system requires high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance of the high-temperature fan at the kiln tail.

2. Daily maintenance

1. External insulation inspection;

2. Regular inspection and exchange of water gun;

3. Sewage treatment of water tank and regular cleaning of debris at the bottom of the tank;

4. Unimpeded return ash system;

5, water pipes anti-freeze;

We attach great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation, conscientiously implement the national regulations on environmental protection and energy conservation, adopt advanced technological equipment, take effective measures to control and control dust pollution, reduce material production losses, ensure the dust concentration at each discharge point meets the national standards, and fully reflect the requirements of environmental protection and clean production.

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