What are the reasons for the abnormal gear transmission of rotary kiln?

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In cement production, the transmission system of rotary kiln is the core power unit of the kiln and plays a decisive role in normal production of clinker.What are the reasons for the abnormal gear transmission of rotary kiln?

rotary kiln

1. Problems in rotary kiln large and small gear transmission

(1) the engagement surface of the big gear in the rotary kiln is seriously worn, with steps and fatigue pitting corrosion.

(2) the vibration value of pinion base is usually 7.2~8.2mm/s, and the maximum vibration value is 12.5mm/s.

(3) the rotary kiln pinion base wobbles obviously, and there are slight cracks in the foundation of partial concrete.

(4) the pinion seat of rotary kiln has a relative exit phenomenon, and the position of the pinion is suspected to move to the outside.

rotary kiln gear

2. Analysis of reasons for abnormal transmission of large and small gear in rotary kiln

(1) during the operation of the rotary kiln, the vibration at the pinion base is relatively large, which is related to the small local clearance of large and small pinion.

(2) the tooth surface steps and burrs of the rotary kiln big gear cause the change of clearance and meshing position when the gear is meshing, resulting in the increase of running vibration.

(3) the bearing clearance of pinion bearing seat of rotary kiln is too large, resulting in the change of gear meshing clearance and position.

(4) the bolts of spring plate and connection bolt of rotary kiln's big gear are partially loose, which results in the unstable change of the shape of the big gear.

(5) the anchor bolts of pinion base and pinion of rotary kiln are loose, resulting in further increase of gear meshing vibration.

(6) the independent base of two pinion gears on both sides of the rotary kiln, the designed foundation strength is not enough, leading to cracking of concrete at the foundation foot.

(7) the machining accuracy of parameters such as the size of rotary kiln and pinion gear in the manufacturing process is deviated, which requires online running-in.

(8) because it is summer, the temperature is on the high side, the lubricating oil viscosity is on the low side, and the formation effect of the tooth surface oil film is not good.

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