What are the causes of dust produced by hammer crusher?

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The hammer crusher will produce dust due to our improper operation or other reasons during operation, which will not only affect the production efficiency but also cause damage to the machinery. What are the reasons for the dust produced by the hammer crusher?

1. Induced wind generated by crushing process

When the hammer crusher is in the process of crushing, the ring hammer on the inner rotor is like the blade of the fan, which generates a large amount of induced wind in the process of rotation.To coal on the belt and the transfer point will produce flyash, due to the irregular particle shape and particle size is differ, so in the process of belt transportation, particles will collide with each other, and thus a lot of dust, especially where have head, collision, dust production increase, so the amount of dust produced in belt transfer point catastrophic.Most of the broken coal directly falls into the falling coal pipe, which makes the air flow and pressure in the falling coal pipe and the guide material trough become very big, and the dust speed is accelerated, and it is directly ejected from the two ends of the guide material trough, resulting in excessive dust volume.

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2. Large drop produces large amount of induced wind

After the raw coal is broken, it needs to pass through the coal falling pipe at a height of about 6 m to reach the material guide groove.When the coal is falling rapidly, the air in the coal falling tube is compressed, and a large amount of high-speed airflow is generated. The high-speed airflow with dust is ejected from the material guide trough, and the concentration is relatively high.

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3. Internal causes of dust production

After the raw coal is transferred from the upper belt to the hammer crusher, the large coal is crushed.In the crushing process, the coal turns into a small piece below 50 mm, and the number becomes more, the volume becomes smaller, and the specific surface area therefore increases. The water evaporation between the coal becomes faster, which makes the moisture content of the coal drop, leading to a large amount of dust precipitation.Therefore, the dust of the belt at the coal pipe and guide groove of the hammer crusher is more than that at the feed mouth of the hammer crusher.

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4. Loose plugging

The rotor of the hammer crusher is the internal cause of the induced wind produced by the hammer crusher, and the external cause of the induced wind produced by the hammer crusher is that the inlet seal is not tight.Due to the loose seal at the inlet, the coal pipe at the inlet falls into the hammer crusher and then into the guide channel, the whole process becomes an open circulation system. A large amount of air is brought into the hammer crusher, forming an induced air flow, which is ejected from the outlet of the guide channel with dust.

In addition to the above four points, there are some other reasons that can cause the dust produced by hammer crusher. We should analyze the specific reasons according to the specific production environment.

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