Wear - resistant treatment of lime production bin in cement factory

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Limestone silo of raw material batching station is composed of main silo and buffer silo, all made of steel plate.Upper main warehouse for Φ 8 m straight cylinder, the lower as the cone, the thickness of the steel plate to 8 mm;Buffer warehouse upper cone, the lower part for the irregular polyhedron, the main buffer material, easy to clear the role of blocking.Because of its small area, short production cycle and convenient installation, the steel limestone warehouse is adopted by most cement factories. However, in production, there is a big problem of inner wall wear. We have improved it.

Limestone bin

1. Questions and analysis

(1) due to the large size of limestone, sometimes more than 120mm, plus the large drop of limestone into the bin, and the central cutting, will form a cone heap in the middle of the bin, and then roll around, hitting the inner wall of the steel bin, causing damage to the bin.Especially in the case of raw material storage in advance, the limestone impact force is greater, especially for the cone buffer bin greater harm.

2) in the production, limestone is used the most in the raw material ratio. For the 6000t/d production line, the amount used per hour is about 360t.Due to the impact of limestone for a long time, coupled with the friction of materials on the wall in the process of falling, the steel plate will become thinner and thinner, and eventually will be worn through leading to leakage, which not only pollutes the environment, but also increases the labor intensity of workers. If not handled in a timely manner, there are certain safety risks.


2 solutions

In order to avoid the above situation, it is necessary to do wear-resisting, impact resistant treatment to the inner wall of limestone bin.At the beginning, we laid polymer polyethylene wear-resistant board on the inner wall of the warehouse.This kind of plank has certain wear resistance, but impact resistance is bad, polyethylene board fell off phenomenon appeared after using a few months, service life is shorter, wasted financial capacity not only, also caused certain harm to warehouse.What's more, if the polyethylene plate that falls off is large and not found in time, it will affect the normal operation of the grinding belt and the vertical grinding, and even cause shutdown.

After several attempts, the following methods were finally adopted:

(1) on the straight part of the warehouse, the warehouse wall, the material can contact area of pavement to replace the old steel wire adhesive tape, and then fixed with heavy head bolt through tape in the warehouse wall, and near the tape along the perpendicular to the warehouse wall welding keep-off plate 100 mm wide, prevent material impact tape edge, so to protect the adhesive tape and prolonging its service life.

It should be noted that when drilling the rubber belt, the diameter of the drill bit should be close to the distance between the two adjacent strands of steel wire, and the force should be appropriate, not too large, not too small, and often water the drill bit to cool, to prevent the drill bit from breaking.As the steel tape is heavy, it should be divided into small pieces about 1m long by cutting machine before installation, which is convenient for installation.In addition, after the bolts are tightened, weld the nut and screw together to prevent the bolts from loosing and falling off.

(2) weld 100mm wide flat steel into a 400mm×400mm grid on the inner wall of the main bin cone, and the same 100mm wide flat steel into a 200mm×200mm grid on the inner wall of the buffer bin, and then install polyethylene wear-resistant board in the grid.During production, the material is stored on the grid, and the function of abrasive material is finally achieved, avoiding direct contact between the material and the inner wall of the steel bin.


3 the effect

After a period of production, we checked into the warehouse and found that the grid was basically filled with materials, including fine powder and block limestone. The effect was very ideal.Up to now, limestone bin has been used safely for more than a year, without any abnormal phenomenon, has a very good protective effect to steel bin, extended the service life of steel bin.

Limestone bin

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