Vertical shaft impact hammer crusher safety operation procedures

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Equipment performance management Due to the high concentration of dust generated around the equipment during production; therefore, to strengthen the performance management of equipment, the following points should be noted:

1. Equipment maintenance and use should be carried out in strict accordance with the equipment safety operation rules.

2. According to the rock characteristics of the feed bone, carry out regular inspection of the opening; timely grasp the internal wear of the crushing chamber.

3. Wear parts must be replaced in time to avoid grinding damage and rotor body; when replacing wear parts, efforts should be made to ensure the same weight and well-maintained rotor dynamic balance.

4. Regularly check the tightening and wear degree of the transmission triangle belt to ensure the smooth transmission of power.

5. Strengthen the maintenance of the motor and regularly check the motor bearings.

6. Strengthen the maintenance of the lubrication station, especially the main components such as overflow valve, liquid level gauge, liquid level switch, pressure switch and gear pump.

7. Strengthen the monitoring and inspection of the protection device; ensure the overload, overcurrent, short circuit protection device; temperature protection device; oil-free, oil-less, oil leakage protection device; the main machine vibration protection device works normally.

Equipment production performance management In the artificial sand production process, the following points should be noted:

1. It is necessary to strictly feed according to the specified particle size, try to avoid the super-diameter stone; ensure the cleanliness of the feed, avoid the tough debris such as roots entering the rotor body; thus avoid excessive wear of the rotor body, or unbalance shock or block the rotor body.

2. The iron remover should be installed on the feeding conveyor belt to prevent iron and other objects from entering the rotor body.

3. In the production process, it is necessary to gradually grasp the reasonable and safe feed rate of raw materials.

4. In the production practice, the moisture content of the raw materials must be scientifically controlled; the humidity of the raw materials is small, the dust is large, and the environment is polluted; the humidity is large, the materials are bonded to the rotor body, the production efficiency is lowered, and the mesh of the finished materials is easy to stick. , reduce the screening rate, etc.

5. According to the physical characteristics of the raw materials and the actual production conditions, repeated practice tests should be carried out to rationally adjust the particle size distribution of the sand-making raw materials, and draw a reasonable gradation curve (the test curve of the manufacturer often has a certain difference from the practical results). ), the real thing is different because of "stone."

The vertical shaft type impact crusher has a high speed of silicon dust generated by the rotor body, and the noise is highly polluted, which seriously pollutes the environment; the dust recovery device should be added at the dust discharge port.

The wear parts of the equipment are quickly lost and the production cost is high; it is recommended that the production of wear parts should be closely combined with the rock characteristics of the raw materials, and cannot be standardized. In addition, the site can actively adopt new technology and new technology, and carry out reasonable welding repair and repair article links: Global Crusher Network 3. Due to the high concentration of dust produced, the production site, although regularly maintained, lubrication station gear pump Such precision parts, the upper bushings of the main shaft, etc., often cause abnormal wear and the like, which seriously affects the productivity of the crusher equipment. It is recommended to add a seal ring and oil seal to the sealing part of the main shaft, or use a ladder shape. The combination of structure and size enhances its sealing performance; the lubrication device implements a closed long-distance lubrication system.

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