Vertical impact crusher and its application analysis

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Vertical impact crusher is from structure to the working principle is different to the conventional jaw crusher, cone crusher and roll crusher forced crushing machine, also the conventional ball mill and the grinding, half since the mill grinding equipment, such as probability and different from traditional counterattack crusher and hammer crusher impact crushing equipment of a kind of new type grinding equipment.

1. Type of vertical impact crusher

In the development of vertical impact crusher, two types of equipment are gradually formed.One is the material is thrown from the rotor after impact on the ring around the installation of steel lining plate, known as the rigid wall impact crusher.Due to the use of rigid wall, its crushing force is greater, but also increased the lining metal wear consumption.The other is the material in the rotor around the specially designed ring structure to form a self-lining, from the rotor thrown out of the material on the surface of the self-lining collision, friction and free fall in the crushing cavity space of the material collision, this equipment is called the self-lining type vertical impact crusher.Self-lining minimizes metal wear, but requires a high speed of material thrown from the rotor.

2. Applicable materials

Vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) is suitable for all kinds of brittle materials, including all kinds of construction stone, metallurgical slag, metal and non-metallic ore, etc., the more brittle the better.The grain size of the ore is related to the equipment specification, generally between 20 and 100mm.Product size and rotor speed and feed form, the higher the rotor speed, the finer the product.

3. Advantages of vertical impact crusher


The reason why vertical impact crusher can exist and develop continuously is that it has some advantages that other crushing equipment can't compare with.These advantages include:

(1) the scope of work is in the stage of fine crushing, ultra-fine crushing and coarse grinding, which can replace the short-head cone crusher widely used at present to simplify the process and greatly reduce the investment in infrastructure.At the same time, this is also in line with the principle of more crushing and less grinding, so that the production cost decreases.

(2) strong crushing process and high crushing efficiency.The rotor speed of vertical impact crusher is extremely high. In the development process of equipment, the linear speed of the outer edge of the rotor has been increased from 40-50m/s in the early stage to about 100m/s at present, which makes the material particles obtain high crushing energy.

(3) the whole machine is light in weight, low in transportation and installation cost, suitable for mobile equipment.Because the main structure is welding parts, the equipment weight is light, easy to transport.In its work, the unbalanced force is small and the operation is smooth, the requirement of foundation is simple, and the installation cost is low.Due to its light weight and smooth operation, this kind of equipment is suitable for mobile equipment.

(4) it is less affected by feed humidity.Jaw crusher and cone crusher adopt the mechanical principle of forced crushing, when the water content of the material exceeds 7-9%, it will cause blockage and cannot work.The vertical impact crusher is less affected.If necessary, water can be added to the feed to make the humidity exceed the critical point and avoid clogging.

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