Vertical grinding of radial arm bearing cavity to repair wear scheme

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Vertical mill is the most important part of cement enterprise.Once the shaft wear problem occurs, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the whole equipment, causing a series of problems, such as serious vibration of the equipment, bearing damage and so on.Vertical wear of rocker arm bearing cavity is a common problem.How to solve this problem quickly in the field has become an important problem for enterprise equipment managers.

1. Brush plating repair process

The advantage is that online fixes can be implemented, but the disadvantages are obvious.The brush coating of brush plating process is limited by the amount of wear, and the brush plating thickness of general brush coating is less than 0.2mm.When wear is greater than 0.2mm, the brush plating efficiency will double, and when the brush coating is too thick, the coating is easy to fall off during use, and the service life is short.

2. Repair welding machine processing and repair process

Repair welding machine repair is the most common way in the traditional repair process.The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause stress concentration or bending deformation in the process of small shaft repair.For the maintenance of large shaft such as vertical mill, online maintenance cannot be carried out, disassembly, shipping and transportation will greatly increase the maintenance cost and maintenance cycle, processing equipment requirements are very high, the overall cost performance ratio is low, which greatly affects the normal production of the enterprise, and increases the maintenance and maintenance cost.At the same time, the repair welding process cannot avoid the thermal stress problem, which will lead to the risk of cracks or even fracture in the use of the shaft, which greatly increases the production safety risks.For large parts such as vertical grinding arm bearing room, it is difficult to repair the machine due to disassembly or disassembly is not convenient, and can only be repaired on site.

3. Replace new parts

For wear of bearing position and bearing cavity in vertical grinding, the replacement method is not only costly, but also difficult for enterprises to accept the comprehensive cost of disassembly and transportation, and it is usually not used.

The author only introduces the most common methods, if you have a better method or have any questions, you can contact the online customer service or leave us a message.

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