Use of high temperature crusher in summer

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The scorching summer, the temperature is rising day by day, is not conducive to the crusher and other mine equipment heat dissipation, so the majority of customers from a variety of attention, to prevent equipment "heat stroke".Do a good job in summer crusher cooling work can be started from the following points:

1. Daily maintenance

Do a good job in the daily maintenance of crusher equipment.Conduct regular and comprehensive inspection of the equipment, replace the butter, adjust the belt, and check whether the rotor, hammer and other parts are in normal operation.

2. Oil and dust

Timely clean up the oil and dust of the motor body to ensure good heat dissipation of the motor.

3. Oil viscosity grade

Change the appropriate oil viscosity level for the equipment, the general summer oil viscosity level is higher than other times.Motor oil and lubricating oil everywhere need to be replaced with summer oil, the amount of oil is appropriate, often check whether there is oil leakage, especially fuel should be timely replenishment.


4. Check the fuel system

Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unobstructed, and replace aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws and tighten fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.

5. Bearing temperature

In the operation of the crusher, must always pay attention to the temperature of the crusher bearing, bearing temperature rise should be in the range of 35 degrees under normal working conditions, not more than 70 degrees.Make sure the bearing is in good lubrication condition and pay attention to the abnormal sound and vibration.

6. Sun protection

No matter the equipment is in shutdown or working state, try to ensure that the equipment is placed in a cool place, such as building temporary awning for the equipment, sun screen, etc., to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, resulting in equipment aging, affecting the quality of work and work efficiency.

7. Indoor ventilation

The environment of indoor equipment is best set in a place with good ventilation. At the same time, attention should be paid to adjust the indoor temperature and ventilation and permeability of the surrounding environment, to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees, to provide a good working environment for the crusher.

Summer, the weather is hot, crusher and other mining equipment cooling is very important.Like people, overheated weather may cause heatstroke, crushers can also break down or even shut down because of high temperatures.Therefore, the equipment in time to prevent heat and cool down in summer is the basic premise to ensure safe production, which should arouse your attention.

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