Tube mill full wear phenomenon how to solve?

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Full grinding is a common abnormal phenomenon in the operation of tube mill.Signs of "full grinding" : the degree of light grinding sound changes from clear to low, the amount of discharge from the end of the grinding reduces, and the inlet and outlet wind pressure of the middle unloading drying mill increases.When the degree comes, the grinding sound disappears, and the current of the main motor drops to about 70% of the normal value.Degree of extra heavy grinding head return, grinding end not out of the material, even a little air pump outlet.When tube mill appear full wear phenomenon how to solve?

"Full grinding" is the tube mill into, out of balance, in a short time, the amount of grinding memory is too much due to the following reasons:

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1. If the feeding amount is too much, the grinding ability of the grinding body of the tube mill cannot be adapted.

2. The grain-size of the grinding material becomes larger or the grindability becomes worse, and the feeding amount is not reduced in time.

3. The moisture content of the grinding materials is too high (over 2.0%), and the ventilation is poor. The wind cannot take the water vapor and fine materials generated in the grinding process out of the tube grinder in time, which causes the materials to adhere to the surface of the steel ball and lining plate due to high humidity, increasing the buffering effect and reducing the grinding efficiency;At the same time, the wet material also blocks the gap between the compartment plate and the grate plate, causing difficulty in discharging.This one reason causes "full wear" more common.

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4. The grate of the compartment plate of the tube mill is blocked by broken iron filings and sundries.

5. In the closed circuit system, the selection efficiency of the separator is greatly reduced, the amount of returned material is too much, the amount of feeding is not reduced, and the grinding ability of the tube mill cannot be adapted.

6. The average diameter of steel balls in the first bin is too small, or the filling rate is too low, or the filling rate of grinding body in the first bin is much lower than that in the second bin.

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7. A partial break or perforation of one or two silos between one and two silos will result in the channeling of the grinding body into the silos, greatly reducing the grinding ability.

Once appear "full wear", answer to find out the reason seriously, try to eliminate.The elimination method is generally to reduce or stop feeding, and strengthen the ventilation inside the tube mill, so that the tube mill operates with little or no material to generate more heat.Drying mill should increase the heat into the mill, promote the rapid evaporation of water, and be taken away by the heat flow;At the same time, the adhesive materials on the steel ball, lining plate and compartment plate crack under the thermal expansion of the adhesive body and flake off under the repeated impact of the abrasive body.If it is invalid, add grinding AIDS to the mill (raw mill with dry coal or quick lime, cement mill with dry slag or dry slag) under the condition of stopping feeding, and feed a small amount of materials after the grinding sound is close to normal;After normal grinding, gradually increase the feeding amount until normal feeding.Full grinding is very serious, sometimes need to use the method of inverted grinding processing: pour out of the ball and material inside the warehouse, thoroughly chisel down the lining plate and steel ball on the crust, remove the plug between the bin plate grate slot, and then match the ball or into the ball poured out.When the tube mill needs to clear out, it is appropriate to use the method of reverse grinding.

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