The ten operating points of cone crusher

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Cone crusher is a crushing machine suitable for raw materials in metallurgy, building, road building, chemistry and silicate industries.According to the different principle of crushing and product particle size is different, and divided into many models.Cone crusher crushing ratio is large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product granularity, suitable for crushing and fine crushing various kinds of ores, rocks.

Cone crusher in the operation and maintenance of the ten points:


1. Matters needing attention during cone crusher work:

(1) the ore must be in the middle of the distribution plate, not allowed to directly into the crushing cavity.This in order to prevent crusher overload, so that the liner wear uneven.The correct feeding conditions are: the ore is evenly dispersed in the crushing cavity through the distribution plate, and the ore cannot be fed above the level of the mortar wall.

(2) the maximum feeding size of crusher ≤ 85% feeding size, otherwise it will lead to: the reduction of crusher output, cone crusher some other damage.

(3) the crusher is not allowed to start under load, which will cause accidents.

(4) stop, must first stop the mining machine, and let the ore has entered the crushing chamber crushing discharge, so that the crusher stop.

(5) the crusher should always check the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station when working, and deal with problems in time.


2. Yield of cone crusher

The output of cone crusher is related to feeding mode, feeding lumpiness, ore lumpiness size, physical and mechanical properties of ore, temperature, etc., with a wide range of variation.

3. Replace the mortar wall

There are u-shaped screws on the wall of the mortar, and zinc alloy is injected between the two to make it tightly combined. When the wall of the mortar is newly installed or replaced, the tightness should be checked after 6-8 hours of work, and the u-shaped screws should be tightened again.

4. Replace the cone broken wall

The cone crushing wall is fixed on the body of the cone with the cone head, and zinc alloy is cast between the two. After the newly installed or replaced cone crushing wall works for 6-8 hours, it should be checked for tightness and tightened immediately if it is found to be loose.

cone crusher

5. Gear engagement

In order to ensure the normal engagement of gears, gaskets must be added on the bottom cover. The thickness of gaskets should be equal to the wear amount of circular plates.

6. Bowl bearing and sealing device

When installing the bowl bearing, be careful not to damage the oil retaining ring of the wire rope.

During assembly, the supporting sphere should be scraped to ensure the annular clearance of 0.35-0.5mm when the crushing cone and the bowl-shaped mutual sphere contact the inner ring.

The bowl-shaped bearing bush is fixed on the bowl-shaped bearing frame with the locking pin of the surrounding cast baling alloy to prevent the bowl-shaped bearing bush from rotating along the circumference.

The bowl-shaped bearing frame and the frame body are fixed with the key (pin). If the gap between the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the frame body is found during the work, it must be immediately processed.


7. Bushing and frame body

The cylindrical bushing and the frame body are the third transition fit. In order to prevent the rotation of the bushing, zinc alloy is injected into the upper groove of the bushing.Because the crusher after a long time of work and loading and unloading is bound to cause changes in the relationship.If the clearance is too large, the bushing will break.

8. Conical bushing

Taper sleeve and empty, and the eccentric shaft to research into the zinc alloy in order to prevent the taper sleeve rotation, all clearance shall be filled with the zinc alloy, because of the hot zinc alloy injection may cause deformation of the taper sleeve, so the new cone suit check dimension d1, d2, and B, produce spare parts should be according to actual size in the diameter of an eccentric sleeve to keep the original.

9. The spring

The role of the spring is when the crusher into an unbreakable material to protect the crusher from damage, so the pressure of the spring and crusher crushing force, crusher in normal work spring is not moving, only in the crushing cavity fell into the iron crusher overload to lift the supporting sleeve spring compression phenomenon.

Conical broken stone machine upper part occurs when working normally jump, this is abnormal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, the reason, take measures to eliminate, if the wrong compression spring not only can not work properly, but may occur damage to the parts, because the compression spring will cause the increase of crushing force.

There are several reasons for the upper part of the crusher to beat: A uneven ore feeding or too much ore feeding;B. Excessive small and powdery ore or excessive moisture in the feed;The gap of C row is too small.


10. Outside the machine

Protective cover shall be added to the exposed rotating part of the machine, but the protective cover shall be provided by the user himself.

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